Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

The Emperor asking "where were you?" immediately after login the game
Game menu
Bit Citizens
Album of Bit Citizens, Rebel Forces folder
One secret animation of the game
One mission of Lord Vader
Tower (floors of the new Death Star)
This game has achievements! Surprise!

iPhone version

Title screen (iPhone 4s).
Each time the game is started the player is informed how much they've made while the game was turned off.
A Bitizen is waiting to be taken to a specific floor. At the bottom left there are indicators showing that things are ready to be collected or restocked, as well as if floors are out of items to sell.
A new floor is done!
An overview of the status of Mos Espa Cafe. Here you can see what's in stock and who works there. The star means it's a bitizen's dream job.
Bitizens shopping at Ewok Sweets.
Robots hard at work building floors on top of the Death Star.
The dark underbelly of the Death Star... here is where you'll find all of the Imperial missions and various floors they'd use to carry out their plans.
Checking what to assemble for one of the Imperial missions.
The Emperor has opinions on what you should be doing to gain his liking.
The menu screen. Here you can find all sorts of useful information as well as check the amusing Holonet posts.
A list of the Bitizens and where they live and work.
Holonet. Lots of useful and useless stuff is posted here constantly, complete with "likes" from other bitizens of course.
Viewing the gallery.
Taking specific characters to certain floors will trigger a little cut scene.
Can I assume his date likes him for his personality?