Star Wars: X-Wing (Collector's CD-ROM) Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Intro: The Dark Forces launch an attack
Intro: The Rebel Alliance under attack
Intro: Preparing the X-Wing Starfighters
Intro: Leaving the mothership behind
Cockpit of a X-Wing
Tech Room: Learn more about all the starships
Briefing Room: Details on the missions

Windows version

View from our X-wing
Observing shuttle docking operation from Y-Wing cockpit.
That TIE-Bomber pilot didn't pay attention what is going on on his six.
Attacking the enemy frigate.
B-Wing is entering hangar.
Attacking Imperial Star Destroyer's hangar.
B-Wing above Death Star surface.
Protecting our cruiser from imperial attack.
Rebel X-Wing is attacking Imperial frigate.
Empire just had lost ISD.
One shot, two kills.
Our B-Wing construction base.
Observing docking operation.
Intercepting enemy fighters.
A-Wing entering hyperspace.
Damaged enemy assault gunboat is spinning in its doom.
Escorting corvettes to the hyperspace point..
Patrolling around cruiser in a B-Wing.
Enemy frigate is attacking out cruiser.
Your B-Wing leaving its mothership (cutscene).
Your awards.
Flying over Death Star surface.
Inside Death Star trench.
Flying practice cource.
Two TIE0Fighter ob your six.
Mission briefing
B-Wings are leaving construction facility during Imperial raid.
View on ISD's hangar.
View on Frigate's hangar.
Trying to destroy enemy TIE-Fighter during his return to mothership.
You are being taken to the Lord Wader himself for interrogation (cutscene).
Shooting enemy fighter near ISD is a dangerous thing.
Practice breafieng.
Intro cutscene.

Official Screenshots

  • Star Wars: X-Wing (Collector's CD-ROM) Screenshot
    LucasArts website, 1996
  • Star Wars: X-Wing (Collector's CD-ROM) Screenshot
    LucasArts website, 1996