Star Wraith 3: Shadows of Orion Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu screen (version 1.05).
The Tech Database presents information on all spacecraft in the game.
Pre-mission armament selection.
Takeoff from an Alliance carrier.
Taking on a Federation fighter with one of your wingmen.
To get a lock on an enemy craft you need to keep it within your gun sights for some time.
Chase view of the player's fighter with HUD on.
Alliance fighters gang on the remaining Federation craft.
One of the missions involves carefully navigating asteroid caves while taking out enemy gun emplacements.
HUD colour can be changed in the game settings.
After the initial release, Star Wraith 3 received numerous engine and graphical updates that improved performance and visuals.
Main menu (v2.028).
Single-player menu. Notice the rank that is displayed under the player's name. The player gets promoted for successful completion of missions.
The campaign starts with the player escaping a planet besieged by the Federation through an asteroid cave filled with gun emplacements.
Mission accomplished!
Star Wraith 3 has a branching campaign, and the player often needs to select one of several missions. The choice may affect the availability of future missions as well.
Mission briefing.
Dogfighting in a nebula cloud.
Star Wraith 3 allows to fly into the atmosphere of a planet in real time. The craft must maintain a moderate speed to accomplish this.
Engaging Federation fighters in formation with your wingmen.
In this mission, you need to destroy Federation cargo containers before the enemy can salvage them.
Lots of enemy fighters arrive to attack the Alliance wing.
Setting up a custom mission.
The game tracks the player's performance during the campaign, and displays all relevant information in the Pilot Statistics section.
Armament selection (v2.028).
Flying in an asteroid field.