StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Splash screen.
Main menu.
Campaign menu.
Opening cinematic.
Main title.
Testing Kerrigan's abilities.
Attacking the automated defenses.
Proving that Zergs cannot be controlled.
Nova, a Dominion Ghost known from one of the cancelled Blizzard's titles.
Sarah and Jim together... but for how long?
Checking the help menu.
Feels like old times.
Escape before the time runs out.
Sometimes you'll be presented with choices during the course of battle.
Defending the tram.
First serious boss battle.
Mission briefing.
This game gives a new meaning to the word "swarm".
Taking out the pulse cannon.
Sometimes you can travel between the planets, but you won't be able to leave one until you complete all the missions it provides.
Destroying the Protoss forces while they're frozen.
Basic mutations can be altered between mission.
Keeping the Protoss shuttles from contacting their Golden Armada.
Evolution missions.
During evolution missions you'll be acquainted with both strains of evolution before you make your selection.
Infesting the Protoss ship.
Fighting the primal Zerg.
Defending the chrysalis with new Kerrigan.
Behold, the new Queen of Blades.
Base of operations.
Kerrigan testing her new deadly abilities.
Kerrigan is strong enough to take on some seriously intimidating creatures.
Upgrading Kerrigan's abilities.
Evolved Hydralisks can burrow and wreak havoc on armored units.
Select evolution strain.
Kerrigan is powerful enough to take on the entire bases by herself.
Certain heavy units can only be destroyed by specific weapon.
Dominion forces don't stand a chance against Kerrigan's new swarm.
Move your forces away from the nuclear impact.
New Kerrigan has the will of her own, half terran, half zerg, and is not hell bent on destruction of anything non-zerg.
Kerrigan reborn
Time to test Kerrigan's new abilities
Dominion forces are trying to get rid of Kerrigan before she's out of reach
Kerrigan's new friends helping her through her hard times
Awakening hybernating broods
Destroying Protoss installations
Niadra hatching eggs onboard the Terran ship
Reuniting with Jim
Kerrigan blasting on her own through the Dominion forces
Mengsk's last stand