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Many elements of the game are reminiscent of the Arthur C. Clarke novel Rendezvous with Rama.

Contributed by Nélio (1999) on Jun 20, 2008. -- edit trivia

Starcross was rated by Infocom as "Expert" level in difficulty. This may be largely due to the scientific orientation of many of the game's puzzles. Other early Expert-level games were Deadline and Suspended.

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The original plans for this game's feelies incorporated "Astronaut Food", which was to be a small package of something edible and presumably freeze-dried. The idea presented legal problems involving health laws, however, and was dropped. The foil-wrapped package is still depicted in a picture of materials included with the game, appearing on the back of the game box.

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The Starcross feelies consisted of the following items:

* Log of the M.C.S. Starcross, a whimsical journal of the player's character's experiences on the ship
* A letter from the "Bureau of Extra-Solar Intelligence" providing advice for any encounters with alien lifeforms
* A partial space map of charted masses, including instructions on how to use the navigation computer

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The game was Infocom's fifth title and the first in the science fiction genre.

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(From The New Zork Times Vol.3 No.2 Spring 1984)

Some statistics about Starcross:

  • Apparent number of rooms (those seen by the player): 84
  • Number of rooms: 86 (for various arcane programming reasons, some locations are inaccessible to the player)
  • Number of different ways to die: 39
  • Number of words in vocabulary: 561
  • Number of takeable objects: 23

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(From The New Zork Times, Vol.3 No.1, Winter 1984)

Dave Lebling gave his science fiction scenario a working title of A Gift From Space. Noboby's socks were knocked off, so Infocom gave the problem to their ad agency, Giardini/Russell. They proposed five possible titles: Celestus, The Linking, Alien Intercept, Stardate: 2186, and Starcross. Celestus didn't have the right down-at-the-heels image for your ship's name. The Linking sounded too much like a Stephen King novel. Alien Intercept begged for a joystick. And Stardate: 2186 wasn't even good enough for a Star Trek episode. Starcross, however, with its reference to the stars and its similarity to the word starcrossed, had the right sort of feel, and was elected.

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The original packaging for Starcross was not a cardboard box, but rather a white plastic saucer.

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