Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Electronic Arts Presents...
The Binary Systems Game...
Star Flight II
Star Port Messages
Creating Personal
Creating an Android Crew Member
Crew Assignment
The Trade Depot
Ship Construction
Ready to launch the ship
Star map
A star system
On a planet surface.
You can zoom out and view more of the planet's surface at one time.
Icon key
Orbiting a lava planet
Minerals nearby
Alien ships
Load game options
Star port
The bank
Interstel Operatinos
Inter-stellar travel
Communicating with an alien race

DOS version

Title screen
Your new home base
Developing a crew.
Configuring your ship.
Traveling from galaxy to galaxy.
Orbiting a planet.
We have landed.
Exploring planetside.
Crew Assignment
We meet Alien lifeforms out in space ...
... and we are communicating with them.
Upgrading the spaceship.
We meet some natives on a undiscovered planet.
We sell some fruits to this Alien trader.
These unknown lifeforms are attacking our ground vehicle.
A wrecked ship
Near a trading shop on an ice planet
The Dweenle
Notices at the starbase
Trading with the Humna Humna.
The new flux scanner
The bank
Talking with the Humna Humna.
The Spemin are back and uglier than ever in new VGA graphics.
A cluster of stars