It's 2160, and the Eastern Alliance has launched a surprise attack on the Western Coalition's fleet and decimated it. The call has gone out for volunteers to become Alliance fighter pilots, and you have signed up with the 45th Volunteer Squadron.

Designed by Chris and Erin Roberts, the creative force behind the Wing Commander/Privateer megaseries, this space fighting simulation features the genre's standard mission types: escort, fighter sweep, interception, attacking space stations, fighting in asteroid fields, etc.

12 pilotable fighters (you can choose which you fly as well as missile loadout, but not all are available in the early missions), 9 enemy fighter types.

Contributed by Raphael (1261) on Jan 02, 2001.

Sometime in the distant future, the human race is divided in to two factions: the ruthless Eastern Coalition (Russia), and the noble Western Alliance (everyone else). The two are constantly fighting in space vessels meant for war. Finally, the two sides, tired of fighting, decide to talk peace on one of Jupiter's moons. Little does the Alliance fleet realize, that they are walking right into a Coalition ambush. The game begins as the Alliance is scattered and hiding, in complete disarray. Is it possible to stop the evil Coalition?

Work your way through 24-27 exciting missions, each with its own objectives, changes, and surprises. Earn medals, gain rank, and aquire kills as you fly missions for the Alliance knowing that each one could be your last.....

Contributed by Bill Stepec (59) on Jun 29, 2000.

It is the year 2160. The Coalition forces, lead by Admiral Kulov, had just mounted a surprise attack on the French and Italian fleet at base Kennedy on Mars. The base had stood down for the peace treaty and the defending forces were annihilated. Many of the outer colonies are lost. The German and American fleets have retreated in disarray to Titan, and volunteers are called to duty...

You are joining the 45th Volunteers, a new outfit on an old carrier that hadn't seen service in 20 years. You are the rookies in this war, the scratch outfit that nobody would expect to last ten seconds against the enemy forces.

It's time to go to war...

Starlancer is essentially a Wing Commander clone that features nearly the exact same conventions and special effects as seen in the Wing Commander movie, but set in a slightly different universe. You still shoot guns, you still shoot different types of missiles, you can allocate energy to different parts of the ship, etc. As you advance in rank in the 24 mission campaign, you will get access to better fighters and better weapons. The missions are nearly still the same: shoot fighters, shoot bombers, shoot torpedoes, shoot capship shield generators, shoot turrets, shoot engines, that's about it.

Starlancer has improved graphics both during flight and onboard the ship. There is also increased about of radio chatter and a lot of voice acting (some of which with bad accents).

Contributed by Kasey Chang (4622) on Jan 10, 2002.