Destinations in Starship TitanicContributed by Jeanne (76526) on Nov 13, 2001.

Destinations in Starship Titanic
by Jeanne Muse

This file is NOT a walk-thru.

Finding your way around the Starship Titanic can be rather confusing. This file contains the locations of the main rooms in the game.


Exits from Embarkation Lobby: Top of the Well and Service Elevator

Bilge: 2nd Floor via Service Elevator

Top of the Well:
Elevators: From Embarkation entrance, turn left and face the silver columns.
Elevators 1 and 2 - to left around the silver columns
Elevators 3 and 4 - to right around the silver columns

Pellerator Transporter: Opposite Elevators 1 and 2

Parrot's Room: Door directly opposite entrance from Embarkation Lobby

Creator's Room and Sculpture Room: Walk around the Top of the Well (past the elevators) to another hallway. Enter the doors on both side of the hall there.

Titania's Room: From Embarkation entrance, turn left. Walk through the middle of the columns. Turn around at stairs. Click on gray arched panel. When you stop, click again on the gray arch. (To Exit Titania's Room - return through the green panel.)


Your Rooms: all are random each game

Room shown on TV Channel: random each game

Bottom of the Well: Floor 39

STG Lobby: One is on every STG Floor through a door at one end.

STG Food Service: One is on every STG Floor through the door behind the menu stand.



Promenade Deck
Music Room
Top of the Well
1st Class Restaurant
Arboretum (can also be reached via canal gondola)


Once inside Titania's Main Room, these are found by turning into a side alcove:
Control Room (computer and fuse box)
Bridge (accessible only after you inserted all of her missing parts.)

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