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A tropical adventure and a great game. NES Excellence (113)
Great Game, and great story NES Scott G (794)

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NES 33 3.8
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100 (Dec, 2003)
Die für die Leistung der kleinen NES-Konsole absolut perfekte technische Präsentation lässt keinen Wunsch offen. Schöne Grafiken, eine nette Hintergrundmusik, präzise und unkomplizierte Spielsteuerung und absolut keine Slowdowns sorgen für die richtige Spielatmosphäre. Startropics ist bis jetzt in jeder Hinsicht das beste Spiel, das ich auf dem NES gespielt habe.
NESJust Games Retro (Jul 18, 2014)
Despite that little bit of emotional scarring, and after calming down, I have to say that StarTropics is still nothing short of a great game. The overwhelming majority of it is a very well-balanced adventure game that definitely deserves a spot up at the top of the NES heap. It looks good, plays well, rewards patience and observation, and yet, doesn’t really punish anyone…until the end. Also, for anyone reading who owns a Wii, you can also scoop up a copy on the Virtual Console, and I would definitely invite you to give it a try…and if you decide to turn the game off after reaching the spaceship, I do not blame you.
NESAll Game Guide (2007)
I usually resent rip-offs -- games lacking an original premise, usually by a no-name manufacturer attempting to break into the business with a tried and true method of gameplay. But what about when one company rips off itself? And, further, what if the game is actually good? Really, really good? Such is the case with Nintendo's StarTropics, very much a rehash of its classic Legend of Zelda yet, at the same time, very much an excellent game.
NESNintendojo (1996)
This is a great game and remains one of my favorites to this day. It is also a perfect example of the type of game an old-school gamer would be talking about when he is telling you these kids today wouldn’t know a difficult game if it bit them. This is a lengthy and fun with a story that is unintentionally funny to boot.
Adventure game fans rejoice! StarTropics features adventure as big as the deep blue sea in an epic quest with cosmic consequences.
NESTotal! (Germany) (Jun, 1997)
Die gelungene Mischung aus. Adventure- und Actionelementen in Verbindung mit einer Interessanten und abwechslungsreichen Story macht den besonderen Reiz des Spiels aus. Und auch technisch kann sich StarTropics durchaus noch sehen lassen: Kunterbunte Schauplätze, in denen es von abwechslungsreichen. liebevoll gestylten Monstern nur so wimmelt, ein stimmungsvoller Soundtrack und eine gelungene Steuerung lassen kaum noch Wünsche offen. Wenn das Taschengeki also für einen Urlaub in der Südsee nicht reicht, dann bleibt StarTropics eine erwägenswerte Alternative
WiiGaming Target (Jan 18, 2008)
StarTropics is one of the few games developed and published that has been almost completely forgotten by the gaming community. And it’s truly a shame as the Zelda-like adventuring and the tropical island twist make for a spectacular game. Hopefully, the game can find a new life on the Virtual Console and maybe a future life with a new sequel. Maybe I can wish upon a star for that one...
WiiIGN (Jan 07, 2008)
There's a reason why I chose StarTropics to be the topic of my first ever IGN article a year and a half ago, and a reason why I'm excited that it's now arrived on the Virtual Console – and that's because it's just a great, fun, unique Nintendo game. First-party games developed by Nintendo's own creative teams aren't often overlooked, but StarTropics was. For whatever reason, this title that takes inspiration from the classic original Legend of Zelda design and evolves it into something new and compelling was never noticed by fans as much as it deserved to be. But for just five bucks, you can't make the mistake of passing it by now. Trust me that it's worth your 500 Wii Points and give it a download – because if you play it and enjoy it, your purchase will help motivate the Big N to make StarTropics' lone sequel, Zoda's Revenge, also available in the Wii Shop someday soon. (Not to mention other long-lost cult classics from Nintendo's own first-party catalog, like EarthBound.)
NESThe Video Game Critic (Aug 21, 2010)
Startropics may test your resolve, but if you don't give it a try you're just letting the best things in life just pass you by.
With plentiful dialogue and characters, the story is complex for the NES. Like many action-RPGs, you spend the game fetching items for people so they’ll help you: fortune teller lost her crystal ball, you go find it. These quests become progressively more significant, leading to a satisfying conclusion.
WiiNintendo Life (Jan 08, 2008)
StarTropics may come off as The Legend of Zelda: Island Edition, but that's far from the truth. It has a very cool style, and, if you may prefer it to Zelda. The only downside is Mike's controls - he can only walk in the four directions, with no diagonal movement, and has to stop to change direction. It’s a small complaint as you’ll get used to it fast. The music has a very distinctive tropical style, and most people find it pretty good. The game got a sequel, although it was only released in the US, near the end of the NES's life. After it, the franchise sadly faded into obscurity. So, pitch in 500 Wii Points and buy this and the sequel - maybe Nintendo will take notice and revive the franchise!
NESNES Times (Jul 15, 2006)
While StarTropics is still a great Nintendo outing, the negatives described above keep it from paradise. If the gameplay controls were done better and the challenge better balanced, then this cart would have scored much higher. In face Nintendo addressed these issues when they brought out Zoda's Revenge in 1994. As it stands, this game does do a good job of providing a good time in your NES system, and adventures fans won't be disappointed. If you can tolerate the controls and the frustration, then you'll have a nice trip through the Tropics, but I’d recommend the sequel just a bit more.
NESGame Informer Magazine (Jul, 2005)
No island vacation is complete without robot-driven submarines, walking skull-ostriches, and alien abductions. Startropics features all these things and more in an adventure that mixes the exploration of an RPG with overhead action similar to the Zelda games. While there is a definite nostalgic charm about the whole affair, it is tempered by some unfortunate flaws in the gameplay.
75 (Jul 22, 2013)
Despite StarTropics’ problems, it’s still a unique spin on a Zelda-style dungeon crawler. Very few companies other than Nintendo could make a game teeming with flaws, and still have the overall package be worth experiencing. Any self-respecting retro gamer should seek it out.
NESVideo Games (Jul, 1992)
Besteht normalerweise die Gefahr, daß die Lösung eines Action-Adventures nicht lange auf sich warten läßt, haben bei Star Tropics auch Experten ordentlich zu knabbern. Allerdings werden Einsteiger etwas überfordert - diese sollten sich lieber Zelda zulegen.
NESneXGam (2002)
Auf der Suche nach einer Herausforderung? Gut - hier ist sie. Zugegeben, irgendwie reizt mich Star Tropics trotz des immensen Schwierigkeitsgrades doch immer wieder, was aber wohl mehr auf der "Das kann doch nicht sein" Tatsache beruht, als auf spielerischem Genuß. Wer kein Sammler ist und sich nicht Mr. Joypad rufen lässt, investiert seine Kröten besser in Altmeister Link. Denn da sind eure Flocken deutlich besser angelegt.
NESPlay Time (Nov, 1992)
Alles in allem ein recht unkompliziertes Action- Abenteuer, das aber voller Rätselchen ist. Es müssen erst noch Einzelmissionen gelöst werden, um das Gesamtspiel zu knacken. Man kommt eigentlich immer weiter, Ihr müßt nur schön nach versteckten Gängen und Durchlässen suchen. Außerdem könnt Íhr dank Speicherung immer in dem zuletzt gespielten Level weitermachen.
NESRetro Game Age (Apr 21, 2014)
Star Tropics is a solid alternative to Zelda and a game that I urge any fan of action RPGs to seek out. Nintendo’s use of Zelda as a starting point works in the game’s favor and in the end Star Tropics is unique enough that it shouldn’t be a deterrent.
NESHonestGamers (Apr 27, 2013)
The game’s difficulty is a miscalculation, and that’s a real shame because it likely prevented StarTropics from catching on with gamers the way it otherwise might have. It still does have its fans, though, and they are well-deserved; there is a terrific game here, hidden beneath some cruel difficulty that will make many modern gamers cringe and even old school gamers blink. Only the most dedicated players will ever see the adventure through to its conclusion. If you're the sort who proudly laughs in the face of any challenge, StarTropics is the game for you. If you thought even The Legend of Zelda was needlessly difficult, though, you'll probably want to sit this one out and just enjoy watching a “Let's Play” video on YouTube instead…
Startropics could've turned out to be a true classic, but too much frustration revolves around the poor ability to control your character. If you can deal with all of the above, then Startropics can actually be a pretty good game. Although you'll play through the same level many times due to constant death, they are usually well designed, even if you have to jump on way too many tiles. The plot is actually pretty good too, as it brings an unexpected sci-fi twist to this game (that's where the "star" in "Startropics" comes from.) If you have a very high tolerance level and plenty of time, Startropics can be very fun, and even addicting.
50 (UK) (Jan 12, 2008)
Progress far enough and you get to explore in a submarine, but it's scant reward for what is a fairly charmless experience. Dedicated retro adventurers might find enough to enjoy to justify a download, but for the vast majority there are other, better, offerings available.
If you've played Zelda then imagine Link with a Yo Yo and you've basically have Star Tropics. While the quest is a bit challenging the game suffers from the lack of originality and quickly becomes tiring. OK, if you're into quest games and have nothing else to play.
WiiDiehard GameFan (Jan 22, 2008)
This game just doesn’t hold up 18 years later. Nearly everything about it is lackluster. There are SO many better NES based games for the Virtual Console to download instead. For the love of crap, get one of those instead.