State of Emergency Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with a series of company logos which are in turn followed by a short sequence of looters being beaten up by riot police, then comes this title screen
The main menu
There is only one controller configuration with limited customisation options
Before a game can begin the player must name their save game and select a character
Before a game can begin the player must name their save game and select a character.
Only two characters are available at the start of the game, others are unlocked by gameplay
The first level
These are the different game modes in which level one can be played
This is McNeil, one of the two characters available from the start
He's a decorated officer who may belong to the Freedom Network.
Awful shirt and how come his hands are bigger than his head
As McNeil flattens security officers he gains points. He takes damage too but health packs keep popping into existence which is good, the downside is that they disappear very quickly
There are bonus multipliers for successive quick kills
End of level statistics.
The level ends when the target score has been reached
The high score table

Windows version

Lot of people
Meet my knife
Moving some stuff
Where are we running?
You can't stop me
There are only four maps/levels available in the game.
Completing tasks unlocks more characters (there are a total of five).
"Revolution" mode is the campaign where you find resistance members (fist icons)...
... who give you missions to accomplish.
A colored arrow floats over your head to direct you to your mission objective.
Mission related characters have rings around their feet for easy identification.
"Chinatown" is second only to "crate filled warehouse" on the list of cliche game locations.