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Atari 8-bit
Commodore 64

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Good sequel to Planetfall but a bit to much the same DOS David Ledgard (63)
Not as good as Planetfall DOS Tony Van (2681)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 7 3.2
Amstrad CPC 4 4.6
Amstrad PCW 1 5.0
Apple II 5 3.6
Atari 8-bit 4 4.6
Atari ST 6 3.9
Commodore 64 6 3.6
DOS 19 3.9
Macintosh 3 4.7
Combined User Score 55 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Commodore 64Commodore User
Stationfall is highly addictive.
AmigaCU Amiga
I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever become so totally absorbed in any adventure game before! It became so real, so threatening, that I just played on and on, determined to reach the aliens and save myself and the station. More than I have experienced before, this was like taking part in a real thriller. There are plenty of laughs there, too, but they do not intrude on the excitement and suspense in any way. Stationfall is highly addictive. I found myself getting up early in the morning, having had an overnight inspiration which I just had to test out! (The result left a very sweet taste in my mouth!). Just like a good book, I had to go back time and time again to the game. But unlike a book, this piece of fiction is interactive, and with perseverance I hope finally to discover the aliens’ secret, and save Gamma Delta Gamma from its invaders – and that makes it much more exciting than any paperback – because it requires personal involvement.
Amstrad CPCAmstrad Action
To some extent (and with the notable exception of Hitchhikers) Meretzky's games are traditional adventures in the sense that they place a lot of emphasis on exploration, discovery and puzzle-solving. The spice is added by Meretzky's inimitable humour.
Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG)
I've been stuck now for some six play-hours, over half way through, and I still keep coming back for more!
Commodore 64Zzap!
Steve Meretzky's latest adventure creation is certainly on par with his previous work, incorporating atmosphere, humour and a plethora of puzzles which combine well to pull you in and let you live the life of a Lieutenant First Class for a while.
DOSHappy Computer
Gut, gut. Ich gebe es ja zu: Ich bin ein unverbesserlicher Infocom-Fan. Aber wie man bei diesen einmaligen Adventures nicht ins Schwärmen geraten kann, ist mir unverständlich. Einmalige Geschichten, ein guter Parser, immer neue Szenen und logische Rätsel. Stationfall liegt sogar noch über dem üblichen Infocom-Durchschnitt. Meretzkys Adventures sind meistens ein wenig konfus. Hier hat sich aber einiges geändert: Die Story bleibt geradlinig und nicht zu versponnen, ohne daß der typische Meretzky-Humor verschüttet geht. Und Humor hat Meretzky zur Genüge.
Generally, the problem with sequels is that they are either a boring rehash of the original, or they are so completely different that they are sequels in name only. Stationfall strikes a marvelous balance between these two extremes, and provides a quintessential example of what a sequel ought to be.
MacintoshAll Game Guide
Unlike the earlier game, Planetfall, Stationfall is a more serious game. The comedic touches are still there, but a little more forced than in the first game. While this doesn't make the game any better or worse, it does tend to fall short in comparison.