SteamBirds Screenshots

User Screenshots

Browser version

Main menu
The levels are presented as events in an alternative timeline
"Take me from behind", Britney's latest and greatest
Face to face
Double intercept
Nice ride
The opium trail. Inflicts damage
Obviously the gun got jammed after the pilot inhaled poison
Pretty stars! Is a nice!
The bigger they are...
Yes, with aspirin and cough syrup
My red plane using the armour ability
Zooming out to better evaluate the disaster

iPad version

Player name
Battle timeline
Game start - Training
Each successful mission increases rank
1916: Massacre at Hamburg - start
1916: Massacre at Hamburg - Firing on first target
1916: Massacre at Hamburg - 1 down firing on 2 and 3
1916: Massacre at Hamburg - Victory
Two twin engine enemy planes in crossfire from behind
Both enemies hit the ground with bullets still firing
A couple of scissor moves and another two enemy planes auger into the ground
Some planes have only toxic smoke which must be avoided
Defeat - you can retry the mission again
Checking plane status - health almost gone and guns have jammed
In game request for rating at website
Attacking a flying wing all fighters have shields on
Floating gun platforms and zeppelin
Got the zeppelin in a crossfire
Nine plane dogfight battle
Flying wing toxic smoke everywhere and out numbered 2 to 1

iPhone version

Player name
Battle timeline
Game start - Training
Both of my red planes taking shield hits
Dropped one then number two
In game request for rating at website
Gaining rank after each battle
Shooting at two enemy planes and taking return fire
Attacking a flying wing and one plane taking fire with shields
Flying wing from from behind hitting it hard
Flying wing going down
Victory stats for mission
Taking fire from a twin engine while laying toxic smoke trail
Gun jam as I split the twin engine targets up
Zoom out to keep situational awareness as one twin engine goes down
Zeppelin battle taking out flying turrets first
One turret down first pass crossfire on zeppelin
Both turrets down second and last pass at zeppelin with another crossfire