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Stellar 7

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User Reviews

Good futuristic tank game with 3D graphics DOS Roedie (5226)
The remake was not bad, but the power-ups made it too easy DOS Kasey Chang (3654)
The first PC game I ever played...and it was great! DOS James Walter (242)
First person battle tank simulation DOS gametrader (229)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amiga 3 3.0
DOS 18 3.6
Macintosh 1 4.0
Combined MobyScore 22 3.5

The Press Says

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This is a great arcade game. The animated scenes between the battles make Stellar 7 a complete story as well. The animation and backgrounds are crisp and finely detailed, as are the soundtracks and special effects. Stellar 7 is rumored to be the favorite arcade game of author Tom Clancy; it certainly is a hit with us, and we heartily recommend it for arcade fans. The plot may not be totally original, but with great graphics, sound, and a number of different, intelligent enemies, Stellar 7 is a must buy.
AmigaAmiga Action
Stellar 7 reminds me of that golden oldie Star Glider. The gameplay is very similar in style but with the advancements in technology that have been made over the years its presentation is far better than the predecessor. The intro sequence is outstanding and the digitised speech almost blows your socks off. The gameplay could have been tedious if it wasn't for the addition of the guardians which inject new life into the game. Good graphics, excellent sound and brilliant gameplay. Worth buying if you are an action fan, especially if you stayed up to the small hours playing Star Glider.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Die knallbunte Grafik ist selbst auf der detailreichsten Stufe annehmt schnell, dazu gibt‘s teilweise ganz nette Zwischenbilder. Vom Sound darf man sich dagegen keine Wunderdinge erwarten, er wird trotz Sprachausgabe bald langweilig. Die Steuerung funktioniert gut, sie könnte nur etwas mehr Möglichkeiten bieten. Aber das Gamedesign ist halt von gestern: Aliens abschießen bis keine mehr da sind, daß hatten wir in den vergangenen zehn Jahren nun wirklich oft genug...
AmigaPower Play
Dynamix hat es tatsächlich doch noch geschafft, das uralt 3-D-Ballerspiel für den Amiga umzusetzen. Vergebliche Liebesmühe: "Stellar 7" ist und bleibt ein Langweiler.