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Stellar 7

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Stellar 7 was later released on CD. This version was the same as the disk version, however it featured digitized voices on all of the cut scenes instead of the opening scene only. The background music during the game could be played from any of the supported sound cards (which was the same as the disk version) or from CD audio. The video modes supported were the same in both versions, however the disk version supported MCGA in 256 colors and the CD version supported MCGA in 4 colors. (The 4 color MCGA looked the same as the CGA version except a custom palette was used.)

Contributed by Servo (55921) on Dec 14, 2001. -- edit trivia

The game is virtually IDENTICAL to the original Apple II/C64 version of Stellar 7, right down to the placement of each and every enemy! The major differences are the added "power modules" (ex. supercannon, superjump) and a major "boss" creature at the end of every level.

Contributed by Kasey Chang (3654) on Dec 02, 2000. -- edit trivia

This is a remake of Dynamix's original Stellar 7 from 1982 (originally published by Polarware, a Battlezone playalike for the C64 and Apple II.

Contributed by Peter Hall (127) on Feb 29, 2000. -- edit trivia