Still Life Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Options Menu
You start here playing Victoria.
Victoria's inventory
The crime scene of the 5th murder.
Not a pretty sight.
Travel via the map in Victoria's car.
Visiting the morgue.
Victoria's FBI office.
Her father's house.
Talking to Pat, Victoria's father.
A strange combination lock secures her grandfather's attic chest.
Chapter 2 playing Gus McPherson back in time.
Gus' inventory
Gus and a prostitute by the river.
Gus' travel map
A strange fellow
This slider puzzle is a bit different
You can almost feel how cold and damp it is down in the sewers.
An ingenious lockpicking puzzle.
Oh-oh. The killer has struck again!
Inside the art gallery.
The fountain in the art gallery is beautiful.
What evil goes on in this inner sanctum?
Give her what she wants.
A more traditional type of slider.
Navigating a maze in the sewers.
Hmm .. 6 slots but only 5 rings. You must find another to proceed.
The robot looks like a small crab.
Beginning the laser puzzle .. controlling the robot.
Cutscene: Gustav is attacked by a dog. On the close-up, the collar and chain on the dog disappear.
Cutscene: Gustav is attacked by a dog. Here, the dog has the collar with a chain attached to it.

Xbox version

Title screen
Main menu
A new investigation is afoot, time to cut this date short.
Arriving at the scene of the crime
What a good samaritan, bringing her colleagues a coffee.
All the spot lights have been set already.
Not all cops have a stomach for murder cases.
Time to drink coffee herself and start searching for some clues.
Victoria's inventory
Victoria's grandfather on a case, way before she was born.
In the attic, looking at some family stuff.
Vicky's room
Inside of Victoria's house
Talking to her father
Vicky's house... holiday joys substituted for a brutal murder case work.
City map
Police garage
In the elevator... you can go to your office, garage, or the morgue.
Hoping the autopsy will give you some more clues about the killer.
They don't seem to be too busy with a case.
Interrogation room
Watching the phantom killer so near makes you think about it.
Chasing the killer