Stock Car Racer Screenshots (PlayStation)

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PlayStation version

The game starts with this load screen. The same screen is used in-game whenever the game needs to load something
This is the game's menu. Only two options are available.
The game's configuration options
Starting a new game means entering a player id. Only six characters are allowed
After entering the player name the next task is to select a track from the eight available
This is the car selection screen, after this the race begins
Before the race there's a fly-by of the circuit. I guess the PASTROL banner means there's no in-game product placement.
The race begins and the other cars tear off into the distance. Everything is a bit blocky and low res when examined like this but in-game when everything is moving quickly it's not so bad
Yes, there are tunnel sections too
There's a warning when the final lap starts
When another car passes the win line the game takes over and drives the player home, perfectly.