Stock Market: The Game Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Overview over the traded companies and options
Picture when the market opens
Reading the Bear Market news

Atari ST version

Market open
Overview over the traded companies
First rule on the financial market: never trade (lose) your own money. So I am starting to loan some on the bank to buy shares
Flying is the future! So I better participate at it
Ending the day is shown with a nice picture
A trading day starts with ticker messages about company news
Some loss, but at least I do not have any Polaroid stocks
This must be the turning points in my career! It must go up now!
High-score table

DOS version

Title Screen
Reading the Game Instructions
Your first visit of the Stock Market
Buying the shares of certain company
Market closes at night
Market opens in the morning
Reading the news at the Bull Market
Reading the news at the Bear Market
Graphs for the certain company
Visiting the Bank to borrow or pay the money
Stock Market assets for the player
Top 12 Score Board