Stocker Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Attract mode
Pedal to the metal!
Taking a shortcut to the gas station...
Trekking across Texas
Twists and turns
Dry land - who needs it?
Pile-up in Arizona
On to California, where the sands are (still) curiously white
Out of gas!
Final score breakdown
Hall of fame

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Burnin' rubber
Gleefully leaving skidmarks on someone's lawn.
Fill 'er up!
Fender-benders with the cops will earn you a ticket
Later on, the roads are positively crawling with police.
Clever line, smartypants.
Screeching into the gas station on my last drop...
Time to cool off that engine - here, this lake will do.
Could that be the finish line?
It is... how about that!
Tickets take their toll on the total...
...but you still get a sweet-looking trophy.

DOS version

Title screen
Ready to go!
The race is on
Relaxing on the grass
Shall we take a questionable turn?
Stop! Get out...
...we are the strong arm of the law.
Roads? Roads are for suckers.
Flooring it towards the state line...
A full tank, please!
Don't let a silly thing like water stop ya from cutting corners.
And we're done.
You the man!
So this version does keep score... nice to know.