Storm Master Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Intro: The weather is bad
Title screen
Main menu
Council hall
Food management
Empire overview report

Atari ST version

Intro: A sky ship takes to the air
Title screen
Scenario selection
The council
The workshop, you can design new airships here
Designing a ship
This ship wont fly
Test flight
Building farms
The market
From here you can send spied
Not much of a military to speak of

DOS version

title screen
scenario (choosing among five different)
council & time to be wicked
Commander Screen - Utilize defenses such as catapults and airbases!
Recruiting Screen - Here you can recruit various troop types for your air armada
Inquisitor Screen - Here lies your imperial spy network and assassins co.!
Leonardo "look-a-like" Screen - Here you can access ship designs and construction
Airship Design - The drawing board on airship construction. Plan well!
Place appropriate crew members to fly and maintain your ship
Unless you want your ship to be a sitting duck, you'd better arm it with weapons!
Airship trial run! See if it flies or blows up!
Welcome to the trade market!
The stock exchange - Buy and sell goods and items here
Taxes Screen
Build your food industry for the prolonged war ahead!
There's only one type of magic here: Wind magic! Utilize the winds in your favor to set a breeze or summon a storm!