Advertising Blurbs

Back of inlay - UK (Spectrum / Amstrad / /C16 / C64):
    A thrilling, highly addictive arcade adventure. 1 or 2 players (Storm and Agravain Undead) must pit their wits against the traps laid by Una Cum and fearfully battle against his evil minions.

    Contributed by Martin Smith (66812) on May 19, 2006.

From the back cover:

    Corrine, the beloved wife of Storm the Warrior has been abducted by the evil Una Cum and is being held prisoner against her will in his laboratory lair. Una Cum has left her closely guarded by his evil minions and has set off on a mission to locate the box which contains that legendary all powerful artifact THE FEAR. Storm realises that should it fall into the wrong hands THE FEAR could cause untold damage, but first aided and abetted by his comrade the powerful Wizard Agravain he must find a way into Una Cum's castle to rescue his Lady Corrine.

    Una Cum has of course anticipated this and Storm and Wizard Agravain must pits their wits against the four traps he has laid to snare them and the evil minions who will do anything to prevent Storm from reaching the laboratory.

    Take the part of Storm (or Agravain the Undead) in this multi-role, one or two player all action real-time adventure to rescue the Lady Corrine. Heed the lady's cries and prove your warrior's abilities...

    Contributed by Belboz (6579) on Sep 13, 2001.