Stormlord Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The starting location
Good thing I have a key for this door...
A fairy is being guarded!
Green dragons!
That platform will transport you out of here...
Sure wish I had an umbrella for this rain...
Fairies everywhere!
This is one dangerous castle
Background. Part one.
Background. Part two.
Eagle is a friend of Stormlord and his transport.
Death. Very impressive.
I think this goblin isn't a very good mood.
It is important to destroy the balls before they reach the ground. Otherwise you will have to deal with gargoyles.
Skeleton - typical inhabitant of the castle levels.
Invalid chosen moment is tantamount to death by the blue flame.
The worst thing about these creatures is the rate of their occurrence.
In the castle levels often found the skull separated from the skeletons.
Start of the third level.
The building of unknown purpose. There is a entrance , but you can not enter into it.
Start of the fourth level.
Jumping creature can pursue Stormlord through several screens.
Start of the fifth level. Again castle.
Start of the sixth level.
Game over.
High scores.

Amstrad CPC version

Game Start
Threw your sword
A gold key and a naked fairie await you
Look out for the worms
Flying through the air
Door open
A green beast comes toward you
Stormlord is dead
Some bees buzzing around a blue vase
Time expired
Name Entry
High Scores

Atari ST version

Title screen
Start menu
High score table
From day to night!
You can shot with some blue stars
You have to free all faeries
keys are useful, as allows to open the doors
Stormlord is travelling through space
Honey or umbrella are useful as well
Here is fairy guarded by bees
Use honey to attract bees...
...and you can release a fairy

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Title screen
The beginning location
Use that springboard to get out of here!
Naturally, the door is locked...
A well guarded fairy...
Be careful of those drips and purple balls
Yikes, dragons!
The high score table

DOS version

Title Screen
The function of big faeries like this is mystery
This wise looking old man is actually one of your enemies
The great eagle
Green dragons
The umbrella protects you from the giant rain drops
Bonus level
The castle
You can never enter these doors
Be careful - these heads don't look friendly
Title Screen (EGA)

Genesis version

Title screen
Starting the game
Hey, I just wanted to pick some mushrooms...
Fire everywhere...
High scores
Umm... hello?
Waterfall cave
A key, a key!
Jumping on skulls
Sleeping fairy, evil wizard

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Main menu
First level