Stratego Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

After displaying the logos an animated sequence moves inside the tent where two generals are drinking ale and playing the game
The game starts here. This is also the screen to which the player returns to when a game has finished
The game's main menu appears when the mouse button is clicked. Games can be saved and re-visited at a later date
One of the game's help screens. The player navigates through the screens via the left / right arrows
These are the kinds of game that are available.
Despite the huge space available players names are limited to eight characters
The board at the start of a game. The flag boy has just been placed. Pieces are placed in a fixed order and once placed they cannot be moved so planning is essential
Before the game starts the player selects the kind of game their computer opponent will play.
The game is about to begin
The pieces are animated and as well as making noises they shuffle about. Their charge and demise is also animated
After each fight the game shows the rank of each combatant. If the opponent won fight their rank is then hidden and it's the player's job to remember it
The in-game options menu
From the options menu the player has the option of offering their opponent a draw. However, as is shown here, the computer does not have to accept it