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PlayStationFreak (Feb, 1999)
מאז קורייר קרייסיס לא נהניתי כל כך ממשחק פלייסטיישן. אני מוריד את הכובע.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Dec, 1998)
I found Streak to be a very nice racing game to be sure. It is different in the fact that you have a hover type board that can cruise around almost anywhere...nice concept. The game did strongly remind me of Jet Moto though, but I don't necessarily consider that to be a bad thing. If you like racing games and are looking for a racing title a bit out of the ordinary, then I can highly recommend Streak. It has a good selection of outrageous tracks, strong graphics and stimulating sounds. The only downside is that the screen is rather "busy" in the two-player, such little problems I can live with!
PlayStationGamer's Pulse (Sep 12, 2000)
Streak is an overall thrill of a game, with the one exception of the lack of lighting. The game provides an excellent storyline that progressively unfolds as you course your way through the game finally finding out why Streaking is an invaluable resource to the future. 3D environments , multiple tricks, and excellent character control finish the game off, providing a very replayable and thrilling game for Playstation owners. Single and 2-player modes of competition, as well as link capabilities, further the playing ability of this game.
PlayStationCyberGames (Dec 18, 1998)
Streak, while awkward at first, is a fantastically fun, fast-paced racing game with plenty of attitude to go around. The addition of tricks and stunts to the gameplay is an excellent idea; you'll spend plenty of time during each race learning new ways to handle your board and therefore complete races more quickly. This also helps extend the replay value of the game, which is useful since you'll have to replay the early levels quite often before you work your way all the up to the top. Become a Streaker today!
PlayStationConsoles Plus (Dec, 1998)
Malheureusement, la maniabilité n'est pas au top. On se prend tous les murs, et les sauts sont loin d'être concluants. Bref, Streak est un petit jeu de glisse qui fait pâle figure à côté des Coolboarders, Proboarders et autres Snowracer.
PlayStationGamezilla (Feb 10, 1999)
I enjoyed Streak for a few hours but the more I played, the more it started to wear off of me. It never turned into a bad game or anything like that but I just did not get that feeling that I had to finish just one more race. I think the graphics are outstanding and the little things really make me see the effort that was put into the game. Aside from that, you will feel like you are playing Jet Moto all over again.
PlayStationGameGenie (1998)
Streak was an average game overall, with the nice theme downgraded by the graphics and not so great gameplay. Had the graphics been knocked up a notch, the game probably would have been a lot more fun to play, but unfortunately, they were not very good and the game suffered. Overall, the game has a good idea with average everything else, so if you have the money and think its a cool idea, grab it and you might not be disappointed too much.
PlayStationVideo Games (Mar, 1999)
Vor einigen Jahren wäre Streak mit Sicherheit noch ein empfehlenswerter Titel gewesen. Heutzutage kann man von PlayStation-Spiel zu Recht mehr erwarten. Die Steuerung ist äußerst gewöhnungsbedürftig und bei weitem nicht präzise genug, um die Gleiter sicher durch die Kurse zu bringen. Die sehr fragwürdige Fahrphysik trägt ein übriges zum Frust-Faktor bei. Auch grafisch ist Streak nicht mehr auf der Höhe der Zeit.
PlayStationGameSpot (Nov 05, 1998)
Streak also suffers from many of the same shortcomings that plagued the Jet Moto series; questionable physics, stiff animation, low polygon counts, and ridiculously difficult tracks all mar the fun. While Jet Moto's dizzying originality made it easy to overlook such problems the first time around, Streak is surprisingly rough around the edges for a third-generation racing game.
PlayStationMega Fun (Feb, 1999)
Aus der Thematik machten die Designer leider nicht allzu viel. Hauptgrund: Die Steuerung wirkt überladen und ist darüber hinaus selbst nach stundenlangem Training überaus hakelig. Da die CPU-Konkurrenz beinhart ist, kommt zwangsweise schnell Frust auf.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Feb, 1999)
Helaas slaat Streak de plank volledig mis. Ten eerste is de snelheid van het spel en de floatboarden in het bijzonder veel te laag. Ten tweede is de besturing het best vergelijkbaar met een reumatische oude opa. Op de derde plaats komen de houterige en te donkere graphics en op gedeelde vierde plaats de achterlijke characters; de verschrikkelijke soundtrack en het totale gebrek aan goodies en power-ups.
PlayStationJoypad (Dec, 1998)
C'est mal réalisé, rapide mais pas franchement euphorisant et c'est incroyable comme ce soft est passé inaperçu à la rédac'.