Street Fighter Alpha 3 Screenshots

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Arcade version

Title Screen.
Player Select.
Next Location.
Next Opponent.
Round 1.
Let's Go.
Avoiding a punch.
Got Me.
Very Fast Kick.
Got Him.
Fighting in the air.
Low Kick.
Good Punch.
A Win.
He's ready for the K.O.
Vega Wins.
Sonic Boom!
Akuma's hadouken to Ryu
Retaliation attack
Cody uses hurricane on Karin
Sakura and her sensei, Dan
Gen's special move - Ken has heavy damages
Sodom slashes Zangief
Now, Zangief is angry
R.Mica is electrocuted by Blanka
Nice ass
Sagat - "The God of Muay Thai" smashes Guy
Rolento uses stick on Charlie...
...and grenades on Gen
Flying Adon. Bison has heavy punch
Shocked Cody
First attack!
Zangief's trademark move
Bison is little too powerful

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Choose one of many game modes and fight until tiring!
Japanese title screen
Select your character!
This screen shows some informations about your fighter.
VS screen. Who is the next?
Shin Akuma can throw 2 simultaneous fireballs. Take advantage of this!
Sometimes, the TIME OVER is the ONLY way to win a match.
The classical Shoryuken. No commentaries...
Ryu smashes the opponents with your Akuma fighting style...
When it was the last time that you saw this move?
This kick SEEMS one Genocide Cutter... Really!
A superior help is very welcome. Yes, sir!
Two players against the CPU is all! It's a Dramatic Battle!
Good spinning, old-timer!
After the fight, your fighter say some words...
It's a burning fight, boy!
Are you the best? Then play without specials in Classical Mode!
This Super Combo is very strong, but I prefer the original Shinryuken...
Avoid dangerous situations with the Alpha Counter!
The continue screen. No commentaries...
Bison and your upgraded Psycho Crusher!!!
Raging Demon rules!
Who will be successful? Two simultaneous moves can make the difference in a match!
Although to be a rich little girl, Karin shows your strength.
Nobody would like to be complimented with this hug... Nobody, I say!
The Hurricane Kick could be a good way to escape from fireballs.
A "PERFECT" ranking is ALL for every player!
Finishing the match with a Super Combo to see some visual effects.
Charlie has Sonic Booms to give and sell!
Sagat's scar begins to flash. Is he accumulating more powers or this is only a simple taunt?
Mika is crying for her victory
Cammy on floor
Nice flight
Too fat to pain
Fei-Long vs Chun Li
Fire punch
Finish her....

Wrong game :D

PlayStation version

Title screen (Japanese version)
Title screen
Character selection
E. Honda taunts you!
Setting up the battle...
Character artwork greets you while the game is loading (and there's plenty of loading time)
Score ranking
Birdie meets Sakura's fist
Sakura wins!
Versus screen.
Ken Masters uses his new move Ushiro Mawashi-geri move to break Edmond Honda's guard for a moment.
Due to the fast action of Blanka's Electric Thunder move, Karin Kanzuki's counterattack was stopped!
Birdie starts the second round of his combat against Zangief executing one of his taunt moves.
Meanwhile, with some luck, Juli could connect successfully her Sniping Arrow move in Blanka.
M. Bison (Balrog) uses his Dash Upper move against Dee Jay: now, the Jamaican fighter is in trouble!
Final Fight's Cody smashes Adon through 3 current hits of his hurricane-based move Criminal Upper.
Cody in an "successful" attempt of block-avoid Sakura's Shinkuu Hadouken Super Combo (Level 3).
Birdie's counterattack chances were temporarily interrupted by Sodom's Meido no Miyage Super Combo!
Guy smashes Sagat through the strength of his Bushin Gourai Kyaku 7-hit Super Combo (Level 3).
With her energy bar almost empty, Rose tries to win Ryu executing a High Punch... And she gets!
After defeating Sakura in a "Perfect" round, Evil Ryu executes one of his victory poses.
Victory screen.
After 8 hits of her Kikou Shou Super Combo, Chun-Li could inflict some bloody damage in Karin...
Sagat's next battle in progress: now, he's using a new throwing command (Tiger Carry) in Dan Hibiki.
Training Mode session with Rainbow Mika smashing Cammy through her Super Combo Heavenly Dynamite.
Karin getting kicked by Dan.
Ryu executing one of his trademark moves on Sodom.
Loading screen - Blanka

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