Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Main menu
Player select
First hit
Fast kicks
Ken vs Guy
End attack
Sonic Boom!
Rose's attack
Kick in face
Jumping on Ken
Tiger Cannon
Strong kick
Retaliation special move
Winner's speech
Over Charlie
Pretty tough shawl
Energy attack
Street fighting
Charlie parodies wrestling
Air duel

Game Boy Color version

Main title
Player selection, good old Ken!
Ken Vs Guy
Knock out!
Ryu Vs Chun-Li!
The fight is on
Ryu wins this one!
Punch in face
Uppercut KO!
You missed me!
Painful kick in birdie's balls
Guy vs Rose
Throw opponent
Death from above!
Air Duel
Adult scene
Guy... uses technique from Haggar.

Windows version

Ryu vs Sodom
I see stars...
Flying Ken
Kick in the air
Chun-li vs Rose
Flying kick
Chun-Li vs Guy
Ouch! My stomach!
Rose special move
Birdie jumps like a bird.

Learn to fly with Sagat.