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PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Feb 17, 2008)
This disk also includes artwork, useful tips, and even unlockable secrets. An arcade style joystick is recommended for maximum enjoyment. The load times are respectable, but the game has no auto-save, which is a bummer. Street Fighter Collection 2 is not only a great package but a nice piece of history as well. Note: These games are also available on PS2 compilations.
PlayStationDigital Press - Classic Video Games (Oct 16, 2005)
These three games are far and away the most accurate ports of Street Fighter ever conceived for a home console. Though it's mind boggling as to why this is the second collection considering the first has the final two installments of the series, this is by no means a problem. While the games may not seem all that different to a casual player, rest assured that the minute changes to each game can get highly confusing to a hardcore player. This is definitely a collection that you can't go wrong with. Arcade perfect graphics, some of the best video game music ever conceived, pin-point control, and memories that could never be repeated make this a game that any self-respecting Street Fighter fan MUST own.
PlayStationPSX Extreme (Feb 28, 2006)
If you have a hankering to play any of the three original Street Fighter II games at home, and happen to have a PSOne sitting around, then you absolutely need to track down a copy of Street Fighter Collection 2. Copies in excellent condition with original case and manual tend to go for about $25 on Ebay. It's worth it. These are the arcade games. Combine this disc with a Street Fighter Anniversary arcade stick or a MAS joystick and you can literally bring the arcade experience home without dropping $500+ on a space-wasting cabinet.
PlayStationIGN (Nov 24, 1998)
I have only a few words for this one, and they are all good. Street Fighter fans will absolutely love this, and I can't think of any other 2D fighter (other than Alpha 2) that I would rather play (Street Fighter Alpha 3 also will probably be another exception, but it's not out yet.) Straight non-Street Fighter gamers will love it, too, because it's the real thing, the origin from which today's fighting genre bloomed, and it's all skill-based fighting. You have to know your stuff to beat anyone in these games. I like this better than any of the Dark Stalker games, better than Guilty Gear, or King of Fighters, and it beats the smack out of Mortal Kombat ¿ in any of its 2D forms. (And no I'm not getting any payola from Capcom. I never do! Damn!) For me, this is pure gaming goodness. It's old school, but it's a must have.
SEGA SaturnDefunct Games (Apr 29, 2005)
But the game is dragged down by how incomplete it is. If they had included the "Super" games it would have been a high ninety percent, but in this state I simply can't be so kind. It's a shame that Capcom would split up a series like this just to make more money. A real shame.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jan 09, 1999)
The only reason Street Fighter 2 Collection doesn’t score a perfect overall mark is because, after all, the game is over ten years old. The gameplay isn’t nearly as complex as it has become in later fighters (witness the chaos in Rival Schools, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Virtua Fighter 3 or Tekken), but it is clean and honest. If you die it’s because you were beaten, or because you screwed up. Plain and simple. Street Fighter 2 is about fighting. It’s not about fancy fatalities or insane joystick motions (like Chun Li’s triple rising kick super in the Alpha series). This game is as pure as it gets. Shoryuken!
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Jan, 1999)
There are lots of other must-buy games out now, but you'd be making a mistake if you ignore, but you'd be making a mistake if you ignored this compilation. After all, the original SF II is such a legendary game - both for it's gameplay and it's place in history - that is almost seems a crime not to own it. Just hearing the old tunes and rediscovering the Boss-beating patterns makes the experience worthwhile. Plus, Hyper Fighting is the most solid installment in the series.
PlayStationGameSpot (Nov 17, 1998)
In 1991, arcades were, to put it mildly, suffering. Most games in that era were shooters, or bland walk-to-the-right-and-hit-buttons-fast beat 'em ups. Capcom released a quiet sequel to one of its games and consequently changed the way we play. The game, of course, was Street Fighter II. SF2 and its various sequels spawned an arcade revolution, the effects of which are still felt to this very day. Capcom's previous Street Fighter collection contained some of the later Street Fighter titles. This second pack contains the original Street Fighter 2, and its two upgrades, SF2: Champion Edition, and SF2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting.
SEGA SaturnDigital Press - Classic Video Games (Dec 10, 2003)
With more versions of the game and maybe some type of museum may make this a true "collection." Regardless, the included games are flawless ports of some of the greatest fighting games ever made. Fans of Capcom fighters will appreciate the games for what they are, but gamers should expect more for their money. But, to reiterate again, these are great games and they are flawless……Definitely a judgment call.
PlayStationVideo Games (Apr, 1999)
Zu SF Collection 2 fällt mir eigentlich nichts mehr ein. Im Grunde wird Euch hier ein einziges Oldie-Spiel zum Vollpreis angeboten. Neben den ganzen anderen in dieser Ausgabe getesteten Capcom-Krachern hat diese Witz-Compilation nicht mal für Oldie-Fans eine Existenzberechtigung. Selbst die beiden Collections zusammengefaßt wären mangels Abwechslung nicht Kaufanreiz genug - jede einzeln angeboten ist jedoch eine Farce.
PlayStationMega Fun (Apr, 1999)
Anhand dieser Werke merkt man zum eigenen Erstaunen, wie gut die Street-Fighter-Nachfolger doch im direkten Vergleich geworden sind. Kratzende Voice-Samples, anachronistische 2-Phasen-Animationen und wenig Spielwitz wecken bestenfalls nostalgische Gefühle. Immerhin erhält der Fan noch eine reichhaltige Bilder-Gallerie zu seinem Lieblingsklopper. Wurde die erste Kollektion noch durch die zeitgemäße 2D-Keilerei Street Fighter Alpha aufgewertet, bietet die zweite Konsole nur einen geschichtlichen Rückblick ohne spielerischen Wert.
PlayStationJoypad (Jan, 1999)
Eh ben voilà, les Capcom Generation, qui faisaient un peu la gloire de cette rubrique depuis quelques mois, prennent fin avec ce 5e volet, pas pourri mais sentant l'arnaque.