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Back of Jewel Case - PlayStation (US):


    Capcom's all time, flagship fighting series once again goes 3-D with Street Fighter EX 2 Plus. Loaded with new enhancements, new modes of play and even an expanded cast, Street Fighter EX 2 Plus drives home stunning 3-D graphics, lightning fast animation and Capcom's signature gameplay. Play one-on-one with a buddy or create your own unique Street Fighter team using up to five fighters.Once you've perfected your moves, you can even edit together your personal highlight reel. Now the world's premiere fighting series kicks it up a notch in Street Fighter EX 2 Plus.

    • Intense fighting action with stunning 3-D graphics
    • The improved sequel to the best-selling Street Fighter EX Plus
    • Loaded with new play features like the Excel Move, Meteor Combo Super Attack, Guard Break and the Super Cancel

    Contributed by Zaibatsu (4477) on Jul 31, 2012.