Street Fighter EX 2 Plus Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Choose your favorite Street Fighter and go battle!
During the Super Combo Great Cancer, Area uses her engaged machine gun to multi-hit the opponents.
Darun Mister is stunned by Pullum Purna's anti-air move Prim Kick (now slightly redesigned).
Doctrine Dark being damaged by the 4 hits of Sharon's Super Combo named... Sharon Special.
Nanase hits Blanka's belly using a single hit of her cane-based move Sanren Kon.
In a risky attempt to stop Hokuto's Kiren'eki, Ryu shoots a Hadouken, but it will be repelled soon!
Chun-Li's Senretsu Kyaku: now, she is complementing her super combo in Ken using a Hyakuretsu Kyaku.
Sagat throwing his projectile-based Super Combo Tiger Cannon in direction to a "static" Dhalsim.
Skullomania connecting successfully the first 3 hits of his Super Skullo Crasher in Pullum Purna.
Now, it's Sharon that feels all the high impact provoked by Zangief's spinning move Double Lariat!
Using two long claws, Doctrine Dark is about to finish Nanase with his Super Combo DARK Shackle...
Sharon immobilizes Chun-Li by the neck and applies lots of hits in her with the move Bloody Choke.
Carrying a double of big fans, Hokuto makes one of her winning poses.
With his Super Combo Torre Pendente activated, Vulcano Rosso is able to do 5 damaging hits in Area.
Hokuto does her defensive position to block Skullomania's "Ki'"-based Super Combo Skullo Energy.
Demonstration Mode match – Dhalsim's move Yoga Fire was stopped by Blanka's Super Electric Thunder.
Using his grabbing move Wire Smash, Vega throws aggressively Pullum Purna into the wall!
Bonus Stage 1: using only 3 Level Gauges, you must beat Cycloid Beta using a Excel Custom Combo.
Bonus Stage 2: using moves and/or Super Combos, your main task is to destroy the ARK-99 satellite.
Area finishes off Sharon using 10/30 hits of her Meteor Combo Final Cancer: it's a perfect victory!
Practice Mode match – Pullum hypnotizes Chun-Li using her dancing-music Meteor Combo Gradeus Pearl.
Introduction frame – A symbolic clashing-encounter involving Ryu's Shoryuken and Sagat's Tiger Blow.
Cracker Jack smashing Sharon with 5 hits of his heavyweight Super Combo Crazy Jack.
During his battle versus Area, Guile finishes the Super Combo Opening Gambit using a red Flash Kick.
Nanase's Meteor Combo Machiyoi Tenkyuu Geki in process: she is about to execute the ultimate hit!
Darun Mister being damaged by Garuda's chest-clawing-multi-hit special move Shuga.
Chun-Li takes advantage of Sagat's vulnerability after his Tiger Shot and attacks with a Hien Shuu.
As his first providence to block Doctrine Dark's EX-Prominence, Bison uses quickly a defensive pose.
Shin... Shoooooryuuuukeeeen!!!!