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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Overall User Score (9 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Armchair Empire, The (Apr 23, 2001)
All in all, this is a good game for those who love their fighting action.
TotalPlayStation (Jun 30, 2000)
All told, Street Fighter EX3 is a perfect example of what companies shouldn't do when sending a game to the PS2. Sorry, Capcom, try again.
PSX Extreme (Nov 13, 2000)
In the end Street Fighter EX3 is a decent launch title, but those looking for a whole new fighting experience should look else where, EX3 is a fun game but it offers little of anything new to keep fighter enthusiasts going for a very long time. If you enjoy rhythm fighting with ten hit combos then Tekken Tag is your choice, if you are a die hard fan of Street Fighter fan, love the VS series then go with Street Fighter EX3, or you prefer huge environments, fast furious action then Dead or Alive 2 is your field, either way I feel that you can't go wrong, all three games are a good time and will keep you company for a reasonable amount of time.
Game Critics (May 29, 2002)
Overall, Street Fighter EX 3 is a solid and worthwhile title that shines in a lot of areas. Honestly, I think that it would have been better off if it hadnt been associated with the Street Fighter legacy. Arikas additions to the pantheon are pretty high quality, and its conceivable that they could sustain a decent fighting title on their own. However, since Street Fighter is a name that has become intimately familiar to a legion of gamers, I have to believe that EX 3 received more harsh scrutiny than it probably deserved.
GameSpot (Mar 08, 2000)
Capcom's Street Fighter EX series, developed by Arika, takes the standard Street Fighter 2D gameplay and throws it into a 3D world, adding a few new characters and moves along the way. The original Street Fighter EX fared pretty poorly in arcades, but after a few revisions it found a greater audience at home on the PlayStation. Street Fighter EX2 added a few new moves and characters, but it never really made much of a splash. Street Fighter EX3 takes the gameplay and additional moves of EX2, adds a tag-team element similar to that of Tekken Tag Tournament or Capcom's own Marvel vs. Capcom, and drops it onto the PlayStation 2 for a quick and dirty fighting game that seems a little rushed but still manages to be a lot of fun.
Gameplanet (Nov 24, 2000)
In the end the sights, sounds, and gameplay of Street Fighter EX3 manage to attain acceptance and enjoyment from both old and new gamers. Through Arika, Capcom have managed to deliver a fighting experience that has outlasted many of its rivals, and for good reason. This will appease both short-term, and long-term gamers as it's immediate accessibility provides easy fun for novices and party players as well as satisfying veteran players with it's deep complexity. Eye candy critics may wish to return to Tekken Tag Tournament, or Dead or Alive as this release comes a vague second to both.
Gaming Age (Mar 24, 2000)
It's worth remembering that Arika did only have 8 months to develop Street Fighter EX 3, as was the case for every other PlayStation 2 launch title. Most games go through a 2 year development process. Quite understandably, given they were learning how to use a completely new kind of hardware, Arika realistically had no more opportunity than to create a very highly polished PlayStation game anyway. While this is a readily acceptable explanation, it is by no means an excuse or an alibi. Next time around, perhaps the higher-ups will give developers enough time to develop a game properly, for Street Fighter EX 3 shows off nothing of the PlayStation 2's true power.
Just reviewing the game, I felt ripped off. Imagine how I’d feel if I actually purchased it. Stick with DOA 2: Hardcore or Tekken Tag.
65 (Apr 04, 2001)
On attendait avec impatience et curiosité cet opus de Street Fighter sur la Playstation 2, et nos craintes sont confirmées. Un opus 3D qui n'apporte rien de véritablement novateur pour justifier son achat auprès d'un joueur possédant déjà le précédent volet sur PSX, et qui n'exploite pas toutes les ressources de la PS2.
PSM (Nov, 2000)
Arika forgot to make some necessary improvements to the basic formula. Besides the graphics, the control still feels a little sluggish. It's not that moves are difficult to preform, they just don't have the quick and tight feeling that the 2D SF games have. Also, the super and special move cancels still imbalance gameplay, and the Tag combos imbalance the game even more. Although this stuff looks flashy, it's cheap. Street Fighter fans will probably enjoy EX3 just fine, but it's a far cry from the 2D SF classics, and it could have looked much better on the PlayStation2.
There are a lot of graphical things about 3D Street Fighter that I like, for instance the throws that fling your opponent into the screen or the panning cameras that make those devastating throws look even grander; but there are also a ton of things I hate, like the no-neck characters and slightly cheesy look. Overall, EX3 is just like any other SF game. The one-player game is rather slim, but for a couple of fanatics this game will spend plenty of time in your PS2. For me, however, I’d rather play Tekken Tag or DOA2 at launch, warming up my fingers for when Capcom delivers a more refined SF experience on PS2.
Power Unlimited (May, 2001)
Ik had al een slecht voorgevoel bij het horen van de titel en kreeg helaas gelijk. Capcom zal echt met iets nieuws moeten gaan komen om nog voldoendes met hun games te scoren.
IGN (Oct 23, 2000)
All in all, Street Fighter EX3 keeps the tradition going, but not at its peak. While the framerates have been sped up, what keeps this game from really standing out is a litany of little things. Character response time isn't great. Even with the power of the PS2, it seems that the response time in a game such as Street Fighter Alpha 3 is better. The characters are all stiff and mechanical in movement. With the increased technical features of the PS2, most people would conclude that lighting quick movements and blindingly fast attacks would make this Street Fighter the best in the EX3 series. But that's far from the case. The character design and overall level of detail leaves much to be desired, too. In the end, SFEX3 is a middle of the road fighter that lacks pizzazz and inspiration.
ZTGameDomain (Jun 30, 2005)
I guess I can't say anything bad about the company, this is only the second game that didn't do anything for me. That number is moons below the number of Capcom games that I adore, Resident Evil, Street Fighter Alpha Series, Dino Crisis, Strider, I could go on but I do not have that much web space. The point is if you were dumb enough to import a PS2, then don't be stupid twice. Stay away from this title, not even us hardcore Capcom fans even remotely like it. Thanks god I have Powerstone 2 and Marvel Capcom 2 to play with, god bless the Dreamcast!
Gamekult (Dec 06, 2000)
"A force de vouloir essorer l'éponge, elle finit par se déchirer" disait le vieux sage. Ainsi, Capcom réussit une nouvelle fois à pondre un jeu qui n'a rien d'original, tout en conservant un certain niveau dans son gameplay. Reste qu'on attendait certainement autre chose de la PlayStation 2. Mais cela devient une habitude...