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Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition

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Sharp X68000

User Reviews

Customers demanded it, Tec Toy delivers it! SEGA Master System Fake Spam (94)
Are you Ken? No? Well get out of my way! Genesis Liam Dowds (51)
Good port of the arcade version. Genesis Robbb (125)
Try again for the one hundred and seventh time ? Genesis DANIEL HAWKS ! (1910)
Arcade perfection . . . somehow pulled off. TurboGrafx-16 Fake Spam (94)
'Oh look pal! i threw a hadoken! (or it's a pancake?)' SEGA Master System Depth Lord (933)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Browser 2 4.5
Genesis 25 4.0
SEGA Master System 10 3.0
Sharp X68000 1 4.0
TurboGrafx-16 6 4.7
Wii 4 2.9
Combined MobyScore 48 3.8

The Press Says

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GenesisGamePro (US)
SF II SCE is a close conversion of the arcade Hyper Fighter. The voices are barely comprehensible, but overall this cart's a Champion among Sega fighting games.
GenesisSega Force
Specialkrafterna är lite väl svåra att få till. Sådant retar mig lite, för när man spelar mot datorn så har den inga som helst problem att få till specialkrafterna, utan använder dem flitigt. (typ tre stycken i sekunden.) Men detta lilla krux är nog det enda som är irriterande med Street Fighter 2, annars är detta spel en gudagåva till alla fightingfrälsta. Bakgrunderna kan få en vuxen man att gråta av lycka. Det finns inte så många cede-spel som har så här bra grafik. I Mortal Kombat är bakgrunderna lite fattiga, men i Street Fighter 2 är det ett nöje att se vad som händer bakom kämparna. Totalt prisvärt spel.
GenesisGame Players
The Genesis version was worth the wait - not only do you get all-new moves, but you can also play bonus stages missing from the SNES version.
GenesisHobby Consolas
Nadie debería permitirse el lujo de prescindir del mejor juego realizado para Mega Drive.
Espectacular, esa es la manera de definir el juego (y a mi, evidentemente). El agravio que supuso no contar con Street Fighter II en un principio (y no solucionado con juegos como Eternal Champions o Mortal Kombat, no vayáis a compararme con Jetta o Sonya Blade, por favor) se ve solventada con creces con esta actualización (si bien más adelante en Megadrive salieron varios juegos superiores en prestaciones, pero nada como verme a mí en Super Street Fighter II). Estamos ante un juego demoledor con una protagonista aún más demoledora, con un apartado técnico que es todo un alarde y una jugabilidad sin igual dada la intuitividad a la vez que enorme posibilidad de combos, llaves y golpes posibles que realizar. Un pecado tener Megadrive sin ver mis piernas en acción.
GenesisMega Fun
Street Fighter II und kein Ende! Diesmal als Special Champion Edition mit rekordverdächtigen 24 MBit. Wie nicht anders zu erwarten war, hat Capcom das beste Zweikampfspiel aller Zeiten in gewohnt hoher Qualität umgesetzt und damit gleichzeitig die Pole Position unter den Mega Drive-Titeln eingefahren. Sega täte allerdings gut daran, dem Spiel gleich ein Sechs-Button-Pad beizulegen, denn die nervige Hin-und Her-Schalterei beim Standard-Pad hat man bald satt; sie hindert den reibungslosen Spielfluß ungemein. Technisch gesehen ist das Modul einerseits perfekt (Grafik), andererseits eine Entäuschung (Sound). Schade, denn gerade dieser trägt doch nicht unerheblich zur Atmosphäre bei. Fazit: Street Fighter II ist das Genialste überhaupt, egal auf welchem System.
TurboGrafx-16Games Master
Incredibly enough, it's great. Well, it's the same as the coin-op, isn't it? Only slightly slower. Ju-ust slightly. Still, you can 'be' the bosses.
TurboGrafx-16Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Having played both the Genesis and now the PC Engine versions, I can say that both are excellent games. Game play and sound quality are virtually identical, and the control is very precise. Executing the complex combos was very easy. Which one is better? I would have to say that the PC Engine version came out on top, not because of playability, but rather because it looks great. The extra colors on the screen really make a difference!
GenesisPower Unlimited
Meer, sneller en beter. Dat zijn de codewoorden die hoorden bij deze versie van Streetfighter 2 toen het spel uitkwam. Op dat moment wist natuurlijk nog niemand hoeveel meer, snellere en betere versies er nog van dat spel uit zouden gaan komen.
GenesisAll Game Guide
They said it couldn't be done. They said it wouldn't be done. Yet Capcom's legendary fighter has found its way onto the Genesis, and Sega fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief. And what's this? There's even something not found on the Super Nintendo versions, as you've probably guessed from the title's "Special Championship Edition."
TurboGrafx-16Mega Fun
Street Fighter 2 ist die reinste Hölle! Die Kultprogrammierer von Capcom haben es exzellent verstanden, das Flair der Spielhallenversion perfekt rüberzubringen. In Sachen Grafik und Animation gibt es auf der Duo/Engine derzeit nichts vergleichbares. Die Champion Edition schlägt sie alle. Der Sound fällt dafür im Vergleich zur Super Nintendo-Variante etwas ab, was aber nicht verwunderlich ist, da die Engine „nur“ eine 8 Bit-Kiste ist. Überraschenderweise ist die Engine-Version sogar noch etwas schneller als das 16 Mbit-“Vorbild“, und dank der anwählbaren Obermotze und den neuen Grafiken macht dieses Monstermodul einfach nur noch Spaß. Die Tatsache, daß die Champion Edition zuerst für die Engine rauskam, zeigt mal wieder, daß diese kleine Kiste entgegen allen Unkenrufen noch lange nicht zum alten Eisen gehört. Vernünftig spielbar ist Capcoms Prügelorgie allerdings nur mit dem neuen Sechs-Button-Joypad.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Of course, comparisons to the SNES Street Fighter 2 Turbo Edition are unavoidable, and to be honest, the Genesis simply can't deliver the same degree of sharp visuals and rich audio. This version's graphics look slightly grainy compared to the SNES, and some sound effects are downright cringe-worthy. The announcer in particular sounds awfully congested. Even so, this Championship Edition turned out much better than most expected, and the six-button Genesis controller provides an ideal button configuration (identical to the arcade game). Fans will also appreciate the inclusion of the arcade game's intro, not present on the SNES cartridge. There's an exclusive "group battle mode" as well, but that's hardly worth mentioning. SF2 Championship Edition is a rock solid fighter, but if you own an SNES, I'd opt for that version instead.
The only thing that’s genuinely disappointing is that this is the older Champion Edition when both the SNES and Genesis versions include Hyper Fighting. Even if you could ignore that, those two are still slightly superior overall, far more readily available, and at dirt cheap prices. So yeah, most people are going to realize that buying this one just doesn’t make any practical sense for them. But that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that NEC pulled off a small miracle to come so close with such old hardware, and if you’re a die-hard fan of the PC Engine then make no mistake – you’ll find it to be an outstanding conversion of an outstanding fighter.
Nevertheless, Special Champion Edition is obviously still a pretty great game, and it’s certainly in a class of its own on the good-old Mega Drive. But some would say that the appeal of the game has already been tainted by the arrival of Turbo on the SNES (admittedly, so far only on import), which arguably feels better simply because of the design of Nintendo’s smart joypads.
SEGA Master SystemSuperGamePower
Já leu a matéria do Circuito Aberto, mano? Agora que você já sabe como a versão de Street para Master foi feita, tá na hora de aprender a bater. Se você guardou o console no armário, tire o bichinho da caixa porque a surpresa é boa! É o primeiro game de 8MB para o console, com gráficos de cair o queixo, boa velocidade e até vozes digitalizadas!
WiiNintendo Life
As it stands Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition is a pretty impressive achievement considering the hardware it was produced for, but it’s nothing more than an interesting footnote in the Street Fighter lineage. The group battle option is neat and the fact that it includes both the Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting variants of the game is a bonus for completists, but we still can't recommend this entirely. If you’ve yet to download a Street Fighter II title on the Virtual Console then this is a solid option but otherwise save your points for something more worthwhile.
TurboGrafx-16All Game Guide
Street Fighter II': Champion Edition is without a doubt the best Hu-Card fighting game for the TurboGrafx-16. Even the card itself looks impressive, with the top half being twice as thick as a regular card. All TurboGrafx-16 owners should have this game. Even without the six button controller, the game is quite playable. But with it, it's highly enjoyable.
Apart from a few patchy graphics the disappointment is in the sound. The sampled effects are coarse and the tunes are sub-Bontempi standard. A Super CD version would, of course, overcome this problem - Capcom please take note.
Ah, yes, Street Fighter II. The game that got people back to the arcades. For so long Genesis players watched with envy as Super NES owners got to enjoy an exclusive home version on their systems, and they were left out. But in 1993, Sega fans rejoiced when Capcom announced plans to not only bring Street Fighter II to the Genesis, but as an exclusive Champion Edition as well, meaning Sega owners would get mirror matches, more moves, faster speed and the ability to play as the bosses. However, things would change in the following months, and to make a long story short Genesis players would wind up with a Special Champion Edition, basically a port of the SNES' Street Fighter II Turbo with some Genesis-exclusive features. While it wasn't the killing Genesis players envisioned, it still does an excellent job bringing street fighting action to the ol' black box.
Trotz derlei Kleinigkeiten und obwohl sich die Konkurrenz von „Mortal Komhat“ noch einen Tick edler präsentiert, stellt Street Fighter II eine echte Bereicherung für Segas 16-Bitter dar, schon wegen der vielen Einstellvarianten. Klares Fazit: Dieses Game gibt Hulk Hogan seiner Familie!
Bei der Präsentation haben die Programmierer das Maximum aus der PC Engine herausgekitzelt: Von der flüssigen Animation der riesigen Sprites bis zur Sprachausgabe fehlt es an nichts, auch die Steuerung klappt trotz der rund zehn verschiedenen (Spezial-) Schläge und Tritte einwandfrei. Ob der Preis deshalb schon fast Neo Geo-Niveau erreicht?!
But beyond minor little differences like the Group Battle mode, this version of Street Fighter II just proves to be redundant here on the Virtual Console. While it is still a fine game on its own merits, there's very little reason to download Special Champion Edition when another, better edition of Street Fighter II is already on sale in the Wii Shop for the exact same price as this one. There will certainly be a few Genesis fans who rejoice at this specific version's arrival, and will purchase it out of a strong sense of nostalgia for this particular release. But everyone else is much better off getting more features and more characters for their money with Super Street Fighter II.
SEGA Master
Acabar el juego con los ocho personajes (cosa que todo "friki" de la saga debería de hacer), nos puede llevar algún tiempo, aunque tampoco demasiado, eso sí no esperéis unos finales que compensen el esfuerzo, ya que además de ser bastante soso, solo hay uno para todos los personajes.
SEGA Master SystemDigital Press - Classic Video Games
While this is not the version of the game to introduce non-SF fans too, the hardcore fans might find this an interesting diversion. That is of course, if they can live with the complete lack of combos and the impossible specials. Still, it's better than the Game Boy version and can be playable if you just accept the hardware it's running on. Competent, just not the game it used to be.