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This is Street Fighter 2 in its purest, and most climactic incarnation. SNES J. David Taylor (28)

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SNESTotal! (Germany) (Sep, 1993)
Gehört Ihr noch nicht zur „Street Fighter II“-süchtigen Gattung, müßt Ihr die Turbo-Edition haben. Neben den Abenteuern von Klempner Mario ist Street Fighter II Turbo eines der besten Videospiele überhaupt und gehört in jede Super Nintendo Sammlung.
SNESPlayer One (Oct, 1993)
SF II Turbo est un jeu vraiment indispensable. Les fans de l'ancien SFII se feront un devoir de l'obtenir, et les autres, sauf les réfractaires à toute forme de violence, seraient bien avisés d'en faire autant. Le meilleur jeu de baston de la planète, c'est celui-ci.
SNESGame Players (Oct, 1993)
This time round, your opponents know new moves and use old ones in new ways - and you've never had this much speed before. You control the bosses, too.
A brilliant conversion and everything a Turbo fan could have hoped for. One of the best games ever to grace the Super NES, but do you want to pay extra for a handful of extras?
SNESPower Unlimited (Oct, 1993)
Toen StreetFighter II Turbo uitkwam was ook net Mortal Kombat uit. Je begrijpt dat Power Unlimited de twee met elkaar vergeleek. Wat bleek? Hoe verschillend ze ook waren, allebei waren ze briljant.
SNESHobby Consolas (Oct, 1993)
Todo lo que se le puede pedir a un video juego se encuentra en este cartucho. No lo dudéis.
SNESGames Master (Sep, 1993)
Streetfighter 2 - Turbo roars quite shamelessly into the top-of-the-range, SNES elite. Fantastically satisfying, long-lasting, gloriously top quality video game amusement. It really would be unbelievably foolish to miss out.
SNESSuper Play (UK) (Sep, 1993)
It laughs in the face of Mortal Kombat, pokes fun at Tuff E Nuff and once again sets a standard by which others will be judged, criticisms about punters being asked to fork out twice for what is essential the same game notwithstanding. I've no reservations about recommending Turbo to everyone and anyone who's ever thought about playing a video game. Even if you own the original, this is still an essential purchase (although perhaps not worth the hundreds of pounds some importers are charging for it at the time of writing). My advice: If you can get it for a reasonable price, do so. And if you can't, well...just this once it might actually be worthwhile selling your Grandmother, robbing a bank or dodging some taxes to raise the cash. The message is simple: Get this game!
The best fighting game just got better.
SNESMega Fun (Sep, 1993)
Jaaaaaa! Der Augenblick, auf den ich solange gewartet habe, ist endlich da. Capcom zeigt Erbarmen mit all ihren Street Fighter II-Fans und bringt ihre Turbo.Edition auf einem Super Nintendo-Modul heraus. Alle Fighter wurden noch einmal komplett überarbeitet und die Animationsphasen weitaus verbessert. Die Sprachausgabe ist wie gewohnt, gepaart mit einer absolut genialen Spielbarkeit. Ebenfalls hammermäßig ist, daß die Kämpfer neue Special Moves dazubekommen haben. Auch ein Lob an die vier Endgegner, die allesamt perfekt in Szene gesetzt worden sind und mit denen endlich auch gespielt werden kann. Also bleibt nur noch zu sagen, daß Street Fighter 2 Turbo DAS Prügelspiel schlechthin und Zugreifen oberste Priorität ist.
SNESVideo Games (Aug, 1993)
Abschließender Kommentar? Wir haben uns wirklich ernste Gedanken gemacht, um wieviel wir mit der Wertung hochgehen müssen. Immerhin ist Streetfighter II besser als je zuvor. Doch erstens ist‘s immer noch dasselbe Spiel und die gleiche Idee und zweitens kostet das Modul so viel, daß wir nicht allzu viel raufgehen...
SNESThe Video Game Critic (Sep 29, 1999)
This first sequel to Street Fighter 2 is very similar to the first, except now you could play as one of the four "boss" characters, including Vega, Bison, Sagat and Balrog. This brings the character selection to twelve. There are also numerous speed settings, allowing for faster and more exciting matches. Otherwise this is basically the same game, and many fans didn't think it was worth the upgrade, especially since its initial price tag was $70.
90 (UK) (Jul 21, 2007)
Well, the follow-up is indeed here and is well worth 800 points. It's still the finest 2D fighter around, an absolute masterclass in balanced gameplay, and the sort of game you'll return to for years to come. It would, of course, be grossly inappropriate to point out that a superb port of the arcade original is already out on Xbox Live Arcade, including a fantastic online two-player mode which cleverly mimics the "winner stays on" arcade ethos. If you have both consoles, that's the one you really want.
90 (Jan 14, 2011)
Plus qu'un simple remake légèrement amélioré de Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Turbo apporte de telles nouveautés qu'il doit plus être considéré comme un nouveau jeu à part entière qu'une simple amélioration de la version originale. Indispensable pour tout bon fan qui se respecte, SF II Turbo reste encore à l'heure actuelle un titre des plus plaisants.
90 (Jan 14, 2011)
Plus qu'un simple remake légèrement amélioré de Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Turbo apporte de telles nouveautés qu'il doit plus être considéré comme un nouveau jeu à part entière qu'une simple amélioration de la version originale. Indispensable pour tout bon fan qui se respecte, SF II Turbo reste encore à l'heure actuelle un titre des plus plaisants.
SNESAll Game Guide (1998)
All in all, the game is a great conversion of the Arcade game and adds to the fun of the original classic. Yet it's not the great leap forward you might expect from a sequel, since it's essentially the same game with a few more features--features that should have been easily programmed into the first title. While Street Fighter: II Turbo is the better game because of these improvements, some may not feel that they are enough to warrant another purchase. One thing is clear, however. If you've somehow missed out on the first game, this is a must-have title which represents the very best in the genre.
SNESEdge (Oct, 1993)
If you own SNES Street Fighter II it is still a tricky decision whether you should buy Turbo: at current import prices, probably not. But if you have yet to be introduced to the genteel art of street-fighting, and have a few pounds to shed, SFII Turbo is the one to get.
SNESNintendojo (Mar 22, 2004)
Standard fare by today’s… standards, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat both raised the bar and redefined the then slim fighting game market as the industry moved into the mid-90’s. Even today, popping this cart into the super machine makes for a good time, and if you have access to both an SNES and this title, I suggest you give either it or its upgrade (Super Street Fighter II Turbo, featuring 4 new characters) a try!
WiiNintendo Life (May 26, 2007)
If you like your 2D fighters then this really is a must-have, it's just a shame you don't get the lovely metal tin that was given away free with the UK SNES version at the time!
WiiGameSpot (Jul 05, 2007)
Here's to hoping that you held out for the inevitable. Late last year, Capcom released the SNES version of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior to the Wii Virtual Console. As any card-carrying Street Fighter fan knows, this was the first iteration of the game, before all the extra characters, playable bosses, game speed changes, and whatnot ever came to fruition. It's certainly still a good fighting game in its own right, but later versions pretty much trumped it in every conceivable way. Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting is such a version. Like Hyper Fighting in the arcades, this release allowed for a much faster game, battles between the same character, and four new playable fighters in the form of the boss characters. For all intents and purposes, the arcade version of Hyper Fighting is still one of the best 2D fighting games ever made, and though the SNES version isn't quite as fantastic, it's still a fun fighter in its own right.