Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Screenshots

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Arcade version

title screen
Character select - Tvelve
Player select - Remy (only game with him)
Akuma (Gouki) vs Dudley
Dark Hado power
Akuma wins.
Balls punch
Finish move
Akuma & Ibuki - air duel
Twelve vs Yang
Nice power
Chun Li legs - sign of Street Fighter
Special moves are very effective
Remy - before fight against Chun-Li
Hugo from Final Fight
Urien Vs Twelve
Q vs Alex
Pretty clever ninja
Before fight
Gouki/Akuma in action
Stronger hadouken
Catch this!
Destroy car
Energy shouryuken
Remy vs Dudley

Dreamcast version

If you think this title screen is sleek, wait 'till you see the game itself.
"Third Strike" has an impressive roster of 19 warriors, not counting the unlockable boss - Gill.
Twelve, a Russian mutant, is about to collide with the New York wrestler Alex.
The mysterious Remy and 'Q' are among the new characters introduced in "Third Strike".
There are consequences to getting grabby with and Interpol agent, but Ken is willing to take the risk.
Another Russian mutant, Necro, brawling with Makoto, a young female trainee of legendary Ryu.