Street Fighter IV Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Startup menu.
Main Menu
Street Fighter IV benchmark results.
Character concept art
Character selection
Photo from a storyline video clip.
Chun-Li vs Ryu
Time to fight.
One of many combos
K.O. means your opponent has had enough.
Fight results
Chun-Li vs Blanka
Girl vs girl fight.
You have won.
You have to decide in 10 seconds if want to continue.
Level selection.
Fight at beautiful bay.
She's seeing stars.
Training mode
Chun-Li from a cutscene
Gen vs Abel
This is the character Gen.
Rufus getting hit by El Fuerte.
Ken vs M. Bison
Player data
Vesus mode match results
Balrog vs E. Honda
E. Honda at close
Balrog is a boxer.
C.Viper shows off her fiery kick.
C.Viper electrocutes Ryu.
Abel performs an uppercut in the training area.
A textbook Super Combo Finisher
New guy Abel's devastating Super Combo
Guile's flashkick
Crimson viper and some fire!
Shocking electric technique!

Xbox 360 version

Intro Movie
Title Screen
Main Menu
Life is full of choices...Once you unlock them.
One of the Anime-style cutscenes
Blanka PAWNCH!!
Cammy Kick
Game Over