Streets of Rage Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

The story
Character info
Pick your character
Women with whips
High kicking karate enemy
Flying kick
Bad guy with knife
Axel with a knife
Flip over enemies
The first boss
Round 1 clear
Level 2
Purple baddies
Conveyer belt
The second boss
Mad jugglers
The third bosses
Game over

Genesis version

Title screen
Character stats
Character select screen
Knee bash
Pipe smash
Call for back-up
Level clear
Stage 2
Damn freak...
Mr. Bad-ass from stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 3 boss
Stage 4
Things are getting though, arent they?
Player 2's special attack, note that in a two-player game the number of bosses is often doubled.
Adam and Blaze with a two-player team move
Together Axel and Blaze defeat this dominatrix in stage 3.
Another team move: Adam launches off Blaze for a big jump.
Players 1 & 2 can hit each other so be careful where you jump/kick.
Stage 5: Karateka's come flying in from every corner of the screen.
There can be a LOT of enemies on screen at the same time.
Stage 6 is filled with dangerous industrial presses and conveyor belts.
Those nasty fire-breathing bosses from stage 4 return in stage 6.
Being whipped by a dominatrix on the elevator of stage 7.
Stage 8: the fighting continues inside Mr. X's headquarters.
The final showdown; a meeting with Mr. X
During each level, destroying scenery, such as this tire stack, will yield weapons, health and bonuses.
The black holes in the floor of stage 4 can be used to your advantage by throwing enemies into them resulting in instant death. But enemies can also do the same to you.
Stage 5 is the first level you will face multiple bosses, regardless of a second player.

SEGA Master System version

Character info
Select your character
Flying Kick
Grapple enemies
Women with whips
A lead pipe
The first boss
Karate enemies
Throws a boomerang
Round 1 clear
Sliding enemies
The second boss
Your special move
and hes down

Windows version

Player selection
Start of the game
The cops as an ally.
Solo fight
A little trouble
Gals with whips
Second level
Slap in the face
Axel in action
In your face!
Adam's jumping kick
Wrestling time!
Second boss
On the beach
Round 4
Industry terrain
Alternative graphic - TV mode
Alternative graphic - no filter

Official Screenshots

  • Streets of Rage Screenshot
  • Streets of Rage Screenshot
  • Streets of Rage Screenshot
  • Streets of Rage Screenshot
  • Streets of Rage Screenshot
  • Streets of Rage Screenshot