Strider 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Brief tutorial
Hiryu fighting a dragon (attract mode)
Score ranking
Selecting a level
Artwork appears between the levels
3D model of the stage I selected
Starting in Neo Hong Kong
Upgraded attack
Infiltrating a fortress
No task is hard enough for Hiryu
In the Antarctica
Ultimate battle
Mission clear
Game over

PlayStation version

Studio logo
Strider intro
Main screen
Settings screen
First mission
First boss
A cybernetic spider, great...
Fight on the flying cars
The dragon on Neo Hong Kong
Uncut scene between each level
Second level
Mission selection
Mission objective
Antartic level
Climbing an ice wall.
Helicopter boss
Room with inverted gravity
Antartic guard
Mutant researchers
Gravity core
Mission statistics
Mission end cutscene
Mission objective
Mision briefing
Floating platforms
Climbing the ship.
Destroying a turret.
The boss is this machine on tracks
Reactor core
Admiral Wilhelm
"It is impossible to defeat our Lord!"
Loading screen