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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 4 2.8
Amstrad CPC 4 2.7
Arcade 5 4.3
Atari ST 3 4.0
Commodore 64 3 2.7
DOS 8 2.4
Genesis 18 3.8
SEGA Master System 4 2.9
Sharp X68000 1 4.0
TurboGrafx CD 2 3.5
Wii 2 4.1
ZX Spectrum 3 2.8
Combined MobyScore 57 3.3

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GenesisDefunct Games
Strider is Capcom at its best. With compelling level designs and one of the best characters of all time, Strider remains a must-play Genesis game. No matter if it's on the Virtual Console, in a Capcom compilation or on the actual Sega Genesis, you owe it to yourself to take down the Grandmaster for the the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic!
WiiDefunct Games
Strider was the first must-own game of the 16-bit generation. It was an arcade-perfect port of one of Capcom's best games; the type of game that turned heads in the early days of the Sega Genesis. Electronic Gaming Monthly gave this blockbuster title the coveted game of the year award in 1990, making this the console's first killer app. After six long years, Nintendo has finally uploaded this genuine masterpiece to the Virtual Console. It's about time.
Strider é um grupo de defesa no ano de 2048, cujos agentes são treinados até a extrema habilidade. A Terra foi dominada por uma força malígna, e só Hiryu, o mais hábil Strider, e sua espada de plasma pode libertá-la.
It's 2048 and an evil Red Lord has come to power in Eurasia, the massive European and Asian landmass. Only one man can defeat him, Strider Hiryu, a super-fit athlete who uses a blindingly fast laser-sword instead of a gun.
GenesisComputer and Video Games (CVG)
The graphics (check out those wonderful screen shots!) and sound are exactly the same as the arcade, as is the brilliant playability. We're talking about an utterly fantastic platform game here - definitely the greatest yet seen on Sega's 16-bit wonder machine! You're pretty much getting three thousand quid's worth of arcade machine for forty one notes, so you can't really complain, can you? Buy it pronto and enjoy! I did!
GenesisShin Force
This is a marquee Genesis title which helped secure Sega's 16-bit success. Strider is nearly arcade perfect with all the levels and bosses intact. This game is still fun to play even nine years later. The anticipation of Capcom's forthcoming sequel for Dreamcast is building...
GenesisSega Force
Strider är ett typiskt spel som man tar fram och spelar om och om igen, det betyder inte att det är för lätt så att man knäcker det på en dag, utan det är så kul att man inte tröttnar på det efter ett par timmar. Grafiken är helt okej, musiken är konstig men funkar och bossarna är helt som dom ska: stora, vidriga och helt olika varandra. Strider är helt enkelt ett av dom bästa actionspel som går att få tag på.
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK)
Graphically terrific, Strider acts as he's made of rubber - we still can't work out how he can do a double back flip and slice a baddie with his sword at the same time, though as most baddies are really mean we ain't complaining. Sound is equally impressive, with a wicked laugh when Strider's killed, and a pulse-pounding ingame tune that becomes sinister when end-of-level monsters appear.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK)
A stunning conversion from US Gold, maintaining the original's arcade feel to a tee, and only pipped at the post by the Amiga version a smidgeon in the graphics and sound.
Atari STST Format
With a short burst of samples sound, loads of animation and graphics taken straight from the coin-op, Strider scores well in all departments. If you're one of those people who enjoy a game which has lots of action and violence then Strider is definitely up there with the best of the rest of them. It might not appeal to the strategists out there but who cares - a bout of blasting is far more fun and a lot less taxing on the brain.
GenesisMean Machines
When this was loaded into the Megadrive, you could hear the sound of jaws dropping for miles around - it's an absolutely amazing, truly arcade perfect conversion. The graphics are stunning, with large, beautifully animated sprites and fantastic backdrops, and the sheer colour and variety is superb. The sound is also of a very high quality, with all the tunes and effects of the arcade machine! The game oozes playability, grabbing you as soon as you start playing, and keeping you at your Megadrive for hours on end. It's definitely one of the slickest conversions yet seen on the Megadrive - if you're the owner of an imported machine, make sure you get this now!
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
A simple white arc represents a swing of your sword, accompanied by a simple clang sound. Enemies you strike are split in half before they silently vanish. The lack of sound effects is glaring at times, but I do enjoy the elegant organ soundtrack. Most objects tend to be rendered with large sprites, and Strider himself makes for a rather large target. The difficulty is substantial, and you need an intimate knowledge of the stage layouts to avoid their many hazards. Strider can also smash pods to release mini droids that fight by his side - a novel concept for its time. Although the crux of the game involves slashing everything in sight, the stages exhibit remarkable variety. Each has a unique design and new set of enemies, so the action never gets stale. And you don't have to deal with those "repeating environments" which plague so many other platformers. With its graphic artistry and imaginative stages, Strider is one of the most entertaining platform games you'll ever play.
WiiNintendo Life
With its gorgeous visuals, excellent music and surprisingly stern challenge, Strider’s magic hasn’t diminished one jot, despite the passage of over two decades. It’s a feast for the eyes, and the responsive and acrobatic main character controls with amazing grace and fluidity — only the unofficial sequel, Cannon Dancer, comes anywhere close to attaining the same balletic brilliance.
GenesisAll Game Guide
Overall, Strider is a nice effort and a lot of fun for someone who likes to travel through a dark future Earth killing everything in his/her path with a giant sword.
Strider is short; very short. We're talking about twenty minutes play time, tops. Not a good thing for a game that debuted at almost $80. Still, it's a fun ride while it lasts and I find myself going back to it periodically. I do miss the dramatic "All sons of old gods...die!" voice over that played as the millipede carried you to the final battle with the Grand Master, but other than that (and some sword-swinging animations), there really isn't much of a difference between the import and domestic versions. Either one is a great purchase and can be had for a great price. I lean towards the import for its cool box art (the domestic art is horrible) myself. Great graphics, sound, and gameplay make Strider a winner, no matter what region you buy it for.
Amstrad CPCThe Games Machine (UK)
As fast and furious as the 16-bit games, Strider leaps around the screen with equal determination and acrobatic style, though lacking his slide movement (memory problem). The ingame tune manages to be good in comparison, despite the machine's obvious problem in competing with the 16-bit versions.
AmigaCU Amiga
It wasn't that long ago that I found myself with the Ed. down at our local arcade taking screenshots of this fabulous game. After the initial frustration of trying to focus on the over-large screen, attention was turned to what is probably the most athletic character in any game. Strider is a superbly animated coin-op with a somersaulting character who sprints down cliffs and defies gravity with the aid of a suction cup. Inconvertible, it seemed.
Amstrad CPCComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Fast action, great graphics and addictive and challenging gameplay make this the best Amstrad game around.
Amstrad CPCACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The first 8-bit version we have seen, and very impressive it is. The graphics are well coloured and defined and keep the feel of the game. The only real gripe is the weak sound effects.
Si en son temps Strider était d'abord une impressionnante réussite technique (des sprites géants, des digits vocales, en veux-tu en voilà !), il conserve encore beaucoup de son charme. Il était l'avant-garde des grands jeux d'action 16-bit, avec toutefois quelques défauts d'un genre encore jeune: une difficulté beaucoup trop arcade, une réalisation imparfaite comme en témoigne la musique et certains pans de décor, la maniabilité pas assez fluide et une certaine brièveté. Mais cela participe à lui donner un charme particulier. La Megadrive au début n'avait pas été gratifiée de beaucoup de titres alléchants, Strider fut l'une des exceptions.
Atari STAtari ST User
There's not much point in taking your time progressing through the levels, as a clock is counting your life away, so you must move quickly. Strider is a fun, addictive game that deserves a place in any arcade collection. The sound could be better, but in the heat of the battle you won't miss that.
Strider est, en dépit de ses défauts, un jeu à connaître. La Megadrive nous offre ici l'un de ses grands titres, un concentré d'action non-stop offrant un challenge corsé, des graphismes réussis et un gameplay efficace. Que demander de plus ?
GenesisSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
Strider est devenu un standard de l'arcade made in Capcom. Jeu d'action pur et dur, on prend encore plaisir à se faire une petite partie et ses vingt années de bons et loyaux services ne l'auront que très peu vieilli. Preuve de l'affection des gamers, Hiryu sera repris par Capcom comme combattant dans Marvel VS Capcom. Petit conseil, préférez la version jap offrant le 60hz, une jaquette qui a de la gueule (vu celle européenne, c'était pas dur de faire mieux), et des voix digitalisées en plus.
Strider is intensely enjoyable - almost all of the time. The iffy control scheme as well as the slightly simplistic and ephemeral experience hurt it somewhat. It’s not really close to being as deep and involving as, say, Castlevania: Bloodlines. Still, if someone had told me of the prospect of an unlikely union of Rastan slashing, Mega Man sliding, with an atmosphere almost as singular and alien as Out of This World, I could barely envision a cohesive end result, let alone guessing it could actually work. But it works. Hiryu's adventure is evidence of that.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Wer auf der Suche nach einem schönen Actiongame ist und seine Künste am Stick schon in leichteren Spielen unter Beweis gestellt hat, macht mit Strider einen guten Fang. Weniger erfahrene Spieler müssen ihr Heil in einem guten Gedächtnis suchen: Die Gegner tauchen zum Glück immer an gleicher Stelle auf!
„Style over Control“ wäre unser Motto für „Strider“. Das Design – seien es die Gegner, Stages oder Animationen – ist durchgehend auf hohem Niveau. In anderen Tests lasen wir von einer „traumhaften Steuerung“, aber in unseren Augen ist diese ein Albtraum, da sie die größte Herausforderung im Spiel darstellt. Kurze, präzise Sprünge sind leider ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit und man springt oft ins Blaue. Wir betrachten die Kontrolle über den Charakter normalerweise als Werkzeug, mit dem man ein Level meistert. Hier ist sie allerdings ein Teil der Herausforderung, der gemeistert werden muss. Dennoch ist Strider auf Grund der positiv genannten Design-Aspekte einen Blick wert.
GenesisVideo Games
Strider protzt nur so mit ungewöhnlichen Einfällen, gepaart mit den grafisch aufwendigsten Levels jenseits der Spielhalle. An nahezu jeder Ecke lauert ein neuer Effekt, um dem Spieler den Atem zu rauben. Die vielen Zwischen- und Endgegner halten sich nicht an Actionklischees, wodurch so rasch keine Langeweile aufkommt. Einziger wesentlicher Haken bei all diesen Superlativen ist die recht schnell aufkommende und leider nicht gänzlich kontrollierbare Hektik, die durch das zu groß geratene Helden-Sprite hervorgerufen wird. Durch das Manko des oft unberechenbaren. weil unsichtbar herannahenden Unheils verfehlt Strider leider einen Platz im Olymp der Spitzenspiele.
Strider's Achilles Heel is its length. After seven or eight play sessions, you get the rhythm down and can breeze through it in under an hour. However, the game can now be picked up on the Genesis for a fraction of its original hefty price tag. That makes it well-worth seeking, especially if you want not only a fun Genesis title, but a sterling example of the eye-popping 16-bit visuals that sent Sega's machine skyrocketing.
AmigaAmiga Computing
With a metallic ching and a sampled yell of "Paw!", an animated figure runs across a landscape, chopping in half anything that gets in its way. Kill everything that moves and do not worry why. Controlling this figure is quite exceptionally frustrating. She – yes, it is a girlie – seems to have an incredible urge in jump 20ft in the air, doing so regularly if you do not point your joystick in exactly the right direction. Making a game challenging to prolong interest is all very well, but if things get impossible, no one will want to play it in the first place. We all know that getting the balance right is tricky, but Strider is close to the edge.
AmigaPower Play
Die Heimcomputer-Umsetzungen dieses Capcom-Automatenknüllers sind gut gelungen. Große Sprites, herrliche Animation und feine Grafik sind einen Blick wert. Auch der Sound tut sein übriges, um zu Hause ein richtiges Automatenfeeling aufkommen zu lassen. Das leichte Ruckelscrolling fällt bei der ganzen Action auf dem Bildschirm gar nicht auf. Für lange Motivation sprechen die kniffligen Level, ausgebuffte Computergegner und der recht hohe Schwierigkeitsgrad. Nicht zu vergessen das streckenweise ganz schön knappe Zeitlimit. Das ist auch das einzig gravierende Manko: Für Action-Einsteiger ist Strider einfach zu schwer. Aber Profis dürften an diesem harten Spiel ihre Freude haben.
Atari STPower Play
Eins muß man den Programmieren von “Strider“ lassen: Die Heimcomputer-Umsetzung ist technisch wirklich gut gelungen. Große Sprites, gute Grafik und Animation (allein der Salto des Helden ist einen Blick wert) und ein toller Sound bringen ein richtiges Automatenfeeling in die gute Stube. Das leichte Ruckelscrolling stört kaum. Leider ist aber der Schwierigkeitsgrad ausgesprochen hoch. Spieler, die nur mal zwischendurch ballern, sollten von Strider die Finger lassen. Hier ist das Frusterlebnis zu stark. Profis dürften eher an diesem harten Actionspiel Freude haben.
GenesisPower Play
Freiheit für Riesensprites! Wurde Segas "Strider" für die Computerumsetzung noch in das enge Korsett eines Amigas oder STs gezwängt (und dabei gehörig "geschrumpft"), kann er sich nun auf dem Mega Drive in voller Körpergröße austoben. Der Automat läßt grüßen...
SEGA Master SystemMean Machines
To say I'm disappointed with this is the greatest understatement of the year. Strider may have smooth scrolling and okay sprites (although the Strider sprite seems to change size at times and sometimes hovers over platforms!), but the playability is sadly lacking. Strider can't duck under bullets, is sadly unresponsive and loses energy rather quickly. A hideous death is unavoidable, since there doesn't appear to be any extra energy icons to pick up. I can't recommend this unpolished effort at all.
SEGA Master SystemShin Force
If you don't have the Genesis version and want to have this game at home, then I guess Strider for Master System will suffice. It captures about 60% of the original game's magic and is decent overall for 8-bit.
SEGA Master SystemDefunct Games
But the original Strider was one of the best 2D arcade games out there, when it's not done right it just feels wrong and is hard to recommend. It's amazing that the game was even this close to the original, but sadly it just wasn't close enough. Sure it's miles ahead of the N.E.S. Strider, but this really is the type of game you would want to experience on a 16-bit console.
TurboGrafx CDVideo Game Den
The exclusive and added content is awesome - the extra level is average but adds a nice touch to the game, the remixed soundtrack is great (mostly) and the cutscenes add depth to the original story. However, the animation is not really as smooth as anticipated, and the game is plagued with slowdowns and sprite flickerings. I also can't really put my finger on it, but the controls feel less responsive overall. Because of all the added content, I still recommend any Strider fan picking this conversion up (the game has now become a rather pricey collector's item though...)
Commodore 64Power Play
Erwartungsgemäß ist von der recht bombastischen Grafik nicht mehr viel übrig geblieben. Strider turnt halbwegs passabel über die Plattformen und erwehrt sich seiner kostbaren Haut. Im direkten Vergleich mit "Turrican" ist er leider ein Held von Vorgestern, der recht bescheiden sein Bildschirmleben fristet.
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK)
After the excellent 16-bit versions, you'd expect more than this disappointing offering. The graphics are okay; Hiryu is a colourful, if rather porky, character who is still capable of performing his amazing feats. In fact, he needs to on the C64, this version is just too bloody difficult to play. What are US Gold playing at?
SEGA Master SystemASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Ein 8-MByte-Modul von 16 auf 8 Bit konvertieren? Das kann doch nicht gut gehen, wie die Umsetzung von CAPCOMS STRIDER auf das Master System bestens beweist. Zwar hat man sich redlich Mühe gegeben, aber überzeugen kann das Resultat keinenfalls.
SEGA Master SystemVideo Games
Es tut mir leid für die relativ gut aussehende Grafik, aber dieses Spiel scheitert einfach an den Möglichkeiten des Systems. Wenn man eine Ferrarikarosserie um einen Trabimotor bastelt, hat man auch keinen Formel-l-Rennwagen. Von der Spielhalle verwöhnte Strider-Fans werden sich auf den Master System zu Tode schluchzen.