Strikers 1945

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PlayStation 3

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Arcade 1 4.0
PlayStation 6 4.0
PlayStation 3 1 4.0
PSP 1 4.0
PS Vita 1 4.0
SEGA Saturn 2 4.5
Combined User Score 12 4.1

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Aunque la dificultad pueda parecer excesiva para la media de usuarios (incluso en sus niveles mas bajos), los jugadores mas hardcore, veteranos y amantes de las recreativas de toda la vida deberían hacerle un lugar en su juegoteca a esta joyita de Psikyo en forma de shooter tradicional. La ya extinta empresa japonesa demuestra una vez mas que su forma de concebir los matamarcianos es de lo mas jugable y divertida aunque a muchos les pese.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
It's difficult to believe that Strikers 1945 is a Playstation title, considering how similar it is to Gunbird 2, the gorgeous Dreamcast shooter. It's evident that both games were made by the same developers. Strikers 1945 is an impressive vertical shooter with World War II-era vehicles like bombers, destroyers, and trains. It goes without saying that there are plenty of huge robotic bosses. I was struck by how handsome these graphics look!
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine
Traditional shooters don’t garner the same support among the gaming community they once did, but that doesn’t mean that the aging genre doesn’t offer up a unique brand of harrowing gameplay that is missing from many (more graphically sophisticated) modern games. So, if it's been a while since you pushed your reflexes to the breaking point, renting Strikers 1945 for the weekend might be just the gaming workout you need. Featuring the arcade version of Strikers 1945 and Strikers 1945 II, this title doesn’t do anything to improve on the originals, other than offer free continues and multiple difficulty levels (the lowest of which are amusingly labeled "Baby" and "Monkey"). As with most shooters, finishing this one on the hardest difficulty setting will be a challenge to say the least. Good fun, but I can’t see anyone getting more than a few days of playtime out of Strikers 1945.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine
Other than a difficulty setting for simians, I found nothing significantly original in this arcade shooter. Not a horrible game, but not really worth more than ten bucks.
Strikers 1945 is a decent game and very representative of games from the 16-bit era. Unfortunately, while it offers some enjoyable elements of the genre, it also includes a few of the bad ones.
For a genre that many figured would be long dead by now, the 2D shooter is looking as lively as ever. Thus far this year, the genre has seen a healthy number of releases across multiple platforms--Treasure's Bangai-O and Capcom's upcoming Mars Matrix are filling out the Dreamcast front, while some of Agetec's recent developments are providing PlayStation owners with access to this seemingly revitalized niche. The Psikyo-developed Strikers 1945 is the most recent manifestation of Agetec's spree, and it should go over well with fans of the genre--it's an altogether solid shooter, if a tad uninspired.
Pas super beau mais détaillé et profitant d'une animation sans faille, ce titre fera plaisir aux fans du genre, mais à eux seuls.
SEGA SaturnJoypad
Pas super beau mais détaillé et profitant d'une animation sans faille, ce titre fera plaisir aux fans du genre, mais à eux seuls.