Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 2 - Strong Badia the Free Screenshots

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Windows version

Title Screen.
A maps and minions cardboard! An essential tool for world domination enthusiasts.
New version of a map.
I think I'll have some e-mails! Come on, yo!
Poopsmith in SWAT action.
Protesting against the King of Town.
The Cheat! Have you created your own country too?
The King Of Towns. Uncanny resemblance.
Foreshadowing one of the future episodes!
Algebros are fighting ninjas with all their logarithmic might!
Strong Sad in the state of depression called The Bleak House.
El Delito Grande!
An in-depth documentary overlooking the dramatic events in the Free Country, USA
Bust a move, Strong Bad!
Torturing the traitors is put business.
Strong Bad examining some weird cave pictures, which are apparently not on par with his Teen Girl Squad comic.
Strong Mad! How could you?
The Wheel Of Draft in action! YOU will be drafted next!
An unlikely union.
The events continue to unfold
Prepare for the battle!
Leaving the trenches!
A deluxe edition of Maps and Minions cardboard. Now with animated figurines!
Trapped in the castle!
This is not a wargame! THIS IS A REAL SLAUGHTER!
The Cheat delivers his devastating blow!