Stronghold Screenshots

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DOS version

For achievements in both city management and combat, you receive titles.
Golden sea of grain. Expand your initial lands to the horizon, maintaining a good balance of housing, food, and profitable businesses.
You're not alone. Monsters have lairs, and the more intelligent ones will even construct cities of their own.
A Taurus who enjoy mass destruction. D&D stats are kept for each monster you encounter.
Rookie. Each one of your men (and women) are kept track of in classic D&D style, from their humble beginnings...
...through their experienced years.
Part RPG, part city-management. Stronghold not only keeps tabs on you, but also how well your city is flourishing under your rulership.
Each new building needs time for construction to complete

FM Towns version

Starts out with a tutorial. Your goal - create a thriving community. Balance building money and food production to keep your people happy
Introduces some of the characters, like this Thief
As well as the monsters, like this Harpy
And that's your nemesis, the evil Mindark
Just a regular day at the office
Title screen
Main menu
I'm keeping my eye on you
Have you payed your... THAX
Let's dig in
3000GP? Cmon, give me a discount!
Neeva and her mace

PC-98 version

Developer logo
Title screen
Wow, real 3D!
This is your land...
Characters have D&D-style portraits
Okay, take the shovel, and let's dig! :)
Construction choices
Stronghold stats
Heavily populated area
Zoomed-out map
Standing peacefully on a lake shore...
You can help your citizens financially
Lovely city of Domac
Yes, my lord?..
A tower and a couple of nice family houses... that's all we need
Demolishing in process!
Complete wilderness. Nothing here!
Skirmish in front of a castle!
Pretty macabre...
Build a stronghold in the mountains - very cool!