Strykers Run Screenshots

User Screenshots

BBC Micro version

Initial loading screen and game type selection.
Loading screen.
Title / options screen.
The start of the enhanced version. Note the extra graphics and flying jet sled.
The start of the standard version.
Some of the men (the green ones) are friendly.
An enemy soldier behind a land mine.
Under fire from a helicopter and soldier with bazooka as I stand by a large yellow sculpture (only seen in the enhanced version).
Having stolen a helicopter, I'm about to drop bomb on this one.
The missile launcher on the ground has just fired a missile at me. That looks like a crashed plane beside it.
The green building (just scenery really) is an 'extra' of the enhanced version.
That blue jet aircraft looks like it could come in handy. (Standard version)
Flying over an old ABC cinema taking a pop at the number of Rocky sequels there are. Both buildings are not seen in the standard version.
If only I could steal that huge tank. Unfortunately that lightly armoured car is all I can take.
No tanks or armoured cars in the standard version, just another helicopter (which is actually more useful!).
About to drop a bomb on that anti-tank gun.
More scenery graphics of the enhanced version. Must be near the end of the game.
Finally, at head quarters, the end of the game.
The high score table of the enhanced version.
When your game is ended in the standard version, this is the only title screen you see. There is no high score table.