Stunt Racer 64 Credits (Nintendo 64)

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Stunt Racer 64 Credits

Boss Game Studios Staff

Lead ProgrammerChris Pink
3D Engine ProgrammerBrian Fehdrau
Physics ProgrammerDerek Rhys Creech
Interface ProgrammerRichard Le
Lead and Character ArtistsPat Clark
Lead Track ArtistJohn Buffler
Track ArtistsDavid Beetlestone, Allen Freeman, Gabriel García, Greg Ipp, Colin Kawakami, Tareh Kryger, Lynwood Montgomery, Shane White
Lead Car ArtistGabriel García
Car ArtistsJohn Carlton, Colin Kawakami
Interface ArtKaari King
3D Interface ArtDavid Beetlestone, Lynwood Montgomery
Character Dialog & BiosRob Stevens
Sound EffectsDevin Hurd
MusicDevin Hurd
Technical DirectorRob Povey
Design DirectorBrian McNeely
VP, Product DevelopmentColin Gordon
President, Boss Game StudiosMartin Rae
Special ThanksJohn McCaw Jr., Stan McCammon, our friends at Orca Bay, Dave Sheffels, Hillary Sich, Karen Seard, Amber Devine, Randy Hardy

Midway Production Team

ProducerKevin Potter
Associate ProducerSean Wilson
Assistant ProducerEd Duran
Testing ManagerHans Lo
Testing SupervisorSeth McNew
Lead Product AnalystEric Narvaez
Technical Standards AnalystsKevin Pimentel, Ajamu Shaw
Product AnalystsJon Malone, John F. Kaiser III, Raymond Veerkamp, Stephen Davis, Matt Jenkins, Lee Fletcher, Weston Boucher, Malcolm Scott
Product Marketing ManagerDerryl Depriest
Special ThanksDeborah K. Fulton, Nancy Ramsey, Erwin Gasmin, Boss Game Studios

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