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Stuntcar Extreme

Stuntcar Extreme Zodiac Game title splash screen


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Windows Mobile

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Platform Votes Score
Symbian 3 4.4
Windows Mobile 2 4.6
Zodiac 2 4.8
Combined User Score 7 4.6

Critic Reviews

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ZodiacGame Freaks 365
The stuntcars, which are actually trucks, look strange and are colored in a way that wouldn't be found in real life. There is a substantial amount of fogging that takes place in Stuntcar Extreme, but once again, it is a new system that is more of experimentation than anything, so I'll cut it a break. The environments are blocky and pixilated, but are still the best seen on a handheld, easily. Overall, for a pack-in title, Stuntcar Extreme is a treasure, but it might get overly monotonous after a couple hours of game-time.