The Suffering: Ties That Bind Screenshots

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
You start the game in the prison.
These guys need a lesson...
Certain creatures can only be killed while in your transformed state.
You will meet useful characters that will help you in your journey.
Fire can be your friend but also your enemy.
The theater is closed.
Torque's dead wife
The gun will overheat if fired continuously for too long.
Time for carnage!
Train wreckage
The classical slayer is back from the first game!
Dr. Killjoy is back too...
Torque has new tricks!
One of the new (and powerful) creatures
Someone is a bit obsessive...
Ranse Truman in person
The secret room of the developers is somewhat of a... bloody mess.
A bunch of other games from Midway
Facing "The Creeper" and his impaled whores.
Checking the in-game notes and collectibles.
Consuela's diary holds interesting notes regarding Baltimore's dark past.
The good ol' "you drive, I shoot" sequence
Aghhh! The junkie got me!
Ghostly sequences flash by whenever you get near a haunted location.
Nightmarish sequences abound...
Our hero... anybody got a tissue?
Anybody noticed how ever since Half-Life you always have to take down a chopper in an action game?
For some reason doing "good deeds" flashes suggestive images of your wife on the screen...
...while doing bad ones will show you images of your heinous crimes
Jordan's notebook provides background info on the "malefactors".
Face to face with the slave hunter while "Barney" over there just hangs around...
Here you can see me die and do a "Machine gun cha-cha" while my arms are getting ripped off.

Xbox version

This is where your Suffering begins!
Loading screens show info on people or places.
The loading screens also show a selection of gruesome images.
The map is handy for finding your way around.
Jordan's journal stores info on monsters you have encountered.
One of the other journals contain the history of people & places in Baltimore.
Crank wheels need to be used so you can progress.
Weapons crates hold guns & ammo.
Torque still loves to kick open doors!
Lockers are opened with Torque's unique style!
Phones are used to taunt and humiliate Torque.
Mounted weapons mow down even the biggest monsters.
The screen goes blurry when Torque's dead wife appears.
This guy is Torque's best friend.
The woman is Jordan and she loves those monsters!
This guy here needs your help.
The doc's back in all his glory!
This guy is sick. Really really sick!
Just keep away from this hunter!
Slayers are back to take you down!
This monster is an excellent shot!
A dog with a human head? Nice!
This game gives Silent Hill a good run for its money in the gore stakes!
Some places have a really dark look to them.
Other places are just grand.
Torque looks on as the place burns.
They look familiar.

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  • The Suffering:  Ties That Bind Screenshot
  • The Suffering:  Ties That Bind Screenshot
  • The Suffering:  Ties That Bind Screenshot