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Windows version

It's nice to see when a main menu has this sort of work on it.
I miss the old days, why when zombies knew to die once you took them heads off and all...
Meet The Three Stooges, only there are two of them and they're slightly more dangerous. Hey, it's ME who you should be cutting in half, you rampant IDIOT!
Talk about a boring lecture, huh guys? Boring ---TO DEATH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA... Ok, I'll shut up. Sorry.
Torque just lost it, someone will have to deal with it... (I hope you enjoy this shoot, it took a God-awful amount of work to properly time the friggin' capture)
Torque's Insanity at its best: I hope you were not too keen on that creature, as it won't be much of it left in a matter of seconds. Blurrily brought to you by courtesy of Motion Blur (TM).
I don't even know what that is, and see if I care. Hopefully there will be enough meat left among all the lead thus I will know if I made the right choice or what.
I'm out to fix this whole pickle, guys! You just ---HANG IN THERE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Yeah, ok, I promise I'll stop it.
Don't take it personally, but all of a sudden I lost all curiosity about this 'nudist beach' of yours...
I picked the wrong week to stop drinking the contents of the molotov coctails.
Disturbing and disgusting as you see it, once in motion this scene becomes a delicious metaphor about the nutritional chain.
Silence, class: Dr. Killjoy starts the lecture.
Fighting headless zombies in the mad doctor's secret lab, nested deep within a haunted manor/asylum. Does it get ANY better than this? (don't worry, this is no spoiler --there's MUCH more to the game)
Drug problem? Whaddaya mean 'drug problem'? I don't have a drug problem!! I can leave dis crap whenever I wanna! I just, like, don't wanna right now.... *snort*
Locked inside a haunted manor in the middle of a electric storm. Does it get ANY more classic-horror than this? Well, get a load of this: the manor used to be an asylum!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
You wanna understand people? Always refer to their family's backstory. I mean, does that picture leave ANY kind of doubt about this manor's owner?
Torque is constantly assaulted by the ghosts of his past... and this time they brought some company!
We got everything in here, baby! Haunted prisons, undead death-row criminals, an abbandoned asylum, and two scary-ass twin little girls wandering the woods in their pajamas at midnight! Sleep tight!
What could be more annoying than small fast-flying hard-to-hit insect-like creatures, you ask? Why, big underground-dwelling randomly-surfacing fast-moving long-reaching worm-like ones, of course!
Hey, Torque, what's up? All ssssssmokin' here... BTW, now that I think of it, you kinda remind me of someone...
No, I don't know who those 'strange people' are either, you regular-next-door-understandably-aloof-while-lonely-wandering-the-woods-by-midnight-no-at-all-creepy little girl...
Don't let the flashlight run out
Fog effects are visible even on low-end machines
Strolling under a dusky moon
Switch on the lighthouse beacon to get off the island
The final bad-ass boss is huge

Xbox version

Main menu
Arriving by boat with the rest of the prisoners on a prison island.
Eavesdropping on other inmates.
Turning into a beast.
Memories and flashbacks will constantly come to haunt you.
Time to wait for the execution in your prison cell.
With all that commotion, the bars got loose.
Time to escape and try to figure what's happening around.
Following the trail of blood.
On this forsaken island any help is welcome.
Luckily, weapons won't be missed, but ammo may come scarce.
Blade monsters are quick opponents.
Trying to take him out before he gets a chance to throw a poison needle at you.
Firefight with abominations at close range.
Watch out for these needles.
Random loading screen
A hut in the forest
Approaching the mansion... or asylum... or some dark place anyhow.
You can destroy certain objects such as light posts... although they are most useful in this place of darkness.
A boss battle makes you wonder who are you fighting... a real enemy or the nightmare itself.