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PlayStation 2 version

Intro movie screenshot
Title screen
Character: Hugo
Character: Chris
(Character) Geddoe punishes a wild boar
(Optional) Character: Thomas
"World" Map
Area Boss
Battling Area Boss
Area Boss takes a strike
Le Buque
Le Buque Inn
Flame Champion
Strategy battle is starting.
Game engine cutscene
Queen as Juliet in the fun theater mini-game.
Life is not always peachy for the members of Geddoe's team.
Sometimes social interaction with members of the Lizard Clan can be plagued with unexpected difficulties.
Lightning spells are pretty useful and impressive in this game.
Brass Castle garrison is ready for battle.
Harvest festival in Iksay Village.
Eventually you'll get to manage your own castle, like in other Suikoden games
Status screen
As always, you are collecting 108 characters. You can view them all in a special location. This is Sgt. Joe. He is a DUCK. You got a problem with that, pal?
Lovely view of Thomas's hometown. Note the animated birds
This magic shop has two vendors - one generic and one... err... less so. Guess which is which?
Serene beauty of Alma Kinan village
Caleria, a bustling city with clear Middle Eastern overtones
All interior locations are different and reflect the style of the town they are in. There is quite a lot of detail
In contrast, dungeons are depressing straight lines... This is Zexxen forest
Fighting an impressive foe with a fairly high-level party in the Ancient Highway
The large city of Zexay. Horses and all that
Great view of Chisha Village
You visit a library in one of the towns
Cave dungeons with some wooden structures
Northern mountain path
This place is aptly called Duck Village. There be DUCKS here. Any further questions?
Suikoden III must be the only game where you meet a duck who owns a cat
If you recruit the right characters, you'll gain quite a lot of services and activities in your castle! Choose your poison, boss!..
You can hire a private detective to spy on any of your people. This is the report on Chris you get after a thorough investigation!
You can manage a small restaurant and even choose items to include in its menu
You found a skeleton in a mysterious passageway...
Dynamic battle against high-level enemies late in the game
One of the game's later dungeons - an imposing structure is ahead
It wouldn't be a Japanese RPG if it didn't force you into some sort of a no-party existential battle in your own memories

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