Suikoden V Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Introduction movie, miscellaneous characters
Introduction movie, the Queen
Introduction movie, major characters
Title screen
Main menu
Different equipment can raise and lower your stats
Master skills and pick two to equip
Formations can raise your stats, too
Order your characters depending on their range
Character status screen
Main battle menu
Let's hit that guy
We won... again
Lunas, enjoy the view
Locate a certain character to enhance your world map
Home, sweet home
Rune mistress, Jeane, is back
Mathias loves to deposit corpses into large bodies of water
Viki is here to ease your travels
Nikea doesn't like cold weather
Connect equal pieces in Fuyo's mini-game
Beware, or Linfa will get your potch
In the main hall of Sol Falena castle. Dig the reflections on the floor
The town of Lordlake after its restoration. Note the trees have no leaves yet
Zoomed-in view on one of the many interior locations - rather detailed
Visiting the serene Beaver Lodge
The grim town of Stormfist
Some of the game's towns have quite a distinct personality...
Raftfleet - a town composed out of boats!
Moody zoomed-in scene at the Dwarf Camp
One of the game's many inns - in a slightly different style!
Market in Yashuna Village
The obligatory Middle Eastern-like town
Hmm... either my Greek reading skills are too bad, or this inscription reads "Hanplaixe"... no idea what it means, though
A zoomed-out library. Unpleasant fixed isometric perspective is particularly noticeable in such locations
Abandoned lighthouse
Fighting a boss in the ship graveyard

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