Suikoden Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Title screen
Talking to your father, general McDohl
Character strength
Gregminster, capital city
Together at a dinner
Cut scene: riding a dragon
Party formation
Regular battle
Forest area
Boss battle. Combo attack by Gremio and Pahn
Leknaat's palace
Murky, misty dungeon with a save point
Trying out a moderate fire spell on this suit of armor
Kaku village in Chinese style
World map navigation
Generic weapon-sharpening shop. Are you sure she can do this?..
One of the game's passes connecting between lands
Victor here got a bucket on his head as a status affliction; the seductive enemy watches in satisfaction
"No, pleasure!".. Once you get your own castle you can recruit people to build your own shops
Found a mysterious house sitting deep in the mountains
The roof of your castle, showing people you have recruited
Once you get your own boat you can sail around the world of Suikoden
One of the game's quiet harbors
This is Kirov. Despite the Russian name it suspiciously reminds me of Shanghai
Sometimes the game would zoom in on attacks during battles
When you select "Free Will", characters will attack automatically - and faster!
This ruined village is actually a dungeon-like area with random enemies
High-level Earth spell. You can't even see the poor enemies...
Abandoned factory
One of the few castle dungeons
This is the hero's most powerful spell - Judgment. Really. I know, it doesn't look like much...
Visiting a graveyard
A powerful lightning spell cast on a group of enemies
Warriors' Village. Don't think many warriors are left...
One of the many generic houses - is there food on the table?..
Cozy fortress dungeon - the lair of a powerful vampire
Undead attack me in a fortress, causing pitiful damage
Antei - finally a bigger city...
Decidedly the game's most colorful, nicely designed location. It looks like a Greek Orthodox church from outside
Fighting strange enemies in a mansion
Entrance to the Dragon Land
Earth golems are hurling stones at us
A magician with a pack of monster wolves attacks

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Intro: the hero
Intro: dragons...
Theo talks to his son
Exploring Gregminster. Beautiful graphics here!
Gremio greets the hero at his father's house
Status screen, featuring: the mysterious Ted
Shop interiors are rather bland...
World map
Battle menu
Quiet village, graveyard...
Uh-oh, this doesn't look well...
Dungeon design is a weakpoint of the entire series
Pahn tries to take on those bandits alone, in a cave
Game Over...