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    Based on the Sum of All Fears movie, this thinking-man's tactical shooter has you leading a team of counter-terrorism experts on 11 globetrotting missions.

    On New Year's Eve, the FBI is called to deal with a hostage situation in West Virginia. The following events shadow the movie plot in which a terrorist scheme unfolds across four continents. As with any game based on a Tom Clancy property, you can expect many authentic touches that beg you to ask, "Could this really happen?"

    Do the Math

    The game begins with a training exercise that introduces you to the game controls. You will learn to move about, fire weapons and navigate around obstacles.

    In the high-risk missions you will take "point" (i.e., lead) as your team infiltrates terrorist camps, rescues hostages, plants surveillance devices, and destroys a weapons cache. Unlike a typical first-person shooter, one wrong move could ruin a mission. It is important to think before you act because your team and the world are counting on you.

    Unlike Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series, mission planning is kept to a minimum. You are given a briefing with a few tips, then sent into the field. You can, however, choose weapons for your three-man squad before the mission begins.

    Ready for Sum Action?

    The 15 weapons include silenced handguns, sniper rifles and flash grenades. When assembling your arsenal, include such factors as ammo capacity and fire rate. Sometimes the most progress is made without firing a round.

    Specialized actions such as picking locks and disarming security take time. Simply press and hold the A Button. A dial will appear and begin moving fast or slow depending on the action you are trying to perform. If you have to break away before the action is complete, you'll have to start all over when you return.

    During a mission you will interact with other squads. While you do not control their movements, with careful timing you can cooperate with other squads to overcome difficult scenarios.

    There are no multiplayer modes.


    You will travel to the diamond mines of South Africa, the deserts of the Middle East and the historic buildings of Austria, but don't expect to be greeted by a welcome wagon. Most of the game takes place in cramped buildings, far from tourist sights.

    Realistic architecture and a fair amount of detail contribute to the game's air of authenticity. The screen never feels cluttered despite displaying radar, weapons and team members.

    Bottom Line

    You don’t need to see the movie or read the book to appreciate Tom Clancy's Sum of All Fears. A user-friendly interface makes this a good starting point for anyone who has never played a tactical shooter. Those who are already versed in Tom Clancy games might miss the mission-planning phase, but others will appreciate the opportunity to leap right into the action.

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2002 PCPowerPlay Guide (UbiSoft):
    Fact: When released in the US earlier this year,
    The Sum of All Fears movie knocked Spider Man off the #1 spot.

    Based on the #1 box office smash hit film of the same name, The Sum of All Fears is the latest in a long line of critically acclaimed tactical first person shooters from Red Storm Entertainment. Neatly fitting in with events from both the movie and book, The Sum of All Fears is an intense action experience that sees the US counter-terrorism taskforce hunting for terrorists who are holding the US ransom with a very real threat of nuclear attack.

    The Sum of All Fears represents a return to squad-based, close-quarters combat for the Tom Clancy series after last year's military-focused Ghost Recon. Players are able to pick and chose which operatives they wish to take along on each mission, as well as their individual kits. An arsenal of the world's deadliest weapons lay at the player's disposal - from silenced MP5's to the Australian Army's standard issue Steyr AUG.

    Taking orders from characters in both the book and movie (including Clancy's most famous creation, Agent Jack Ryan) the player and their squad rise through the ranks from lowly FBI operatives to members of the US Security's elite. Players skillful enough to take their team through the entire game without casualties are rewarded with a range of medals, badges and promotions for their operatives.

    Using the award winning Ghost Recon engine, The Sum of All Fears is a visual treat with detailed interior environments including offices, warehouses and even a luxurious mansion. Once again the Red Storm team has done a stellar job of ensuring that the eye candy on display is well complemented by an appropriately authentic soundtrack.

    The Sum of All Fears has many great multiplayer modes to offer as well. Not only can players engage in free-for-all or team-based deathmatch, they can also play thorough the levels together in co-operative mode, taking on the AI as a team. Up to 32 players can play at once on the same server, making for plenty of action packed counter-terrorist skirmishes.

    Hitting the shelves at a special introductory price and with customisable difficulty levels, The Sum of All Fears is a great game for FPS veterans and the perfect introduction to the world of Tom Clancy games for first-timers.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Nov 25, 2004.

Back Cover (US - Windows):


    Take command of an elite counter-terrorist unit and lead them into battle against the deadliest threat to peace the world has ever known.

    Go into the field with the latest in anti-terrorist weaponry, including 15 unique gun types, flashbangs, and frag grenades.

    Discover and eliminate hidden enemies.

    Up to 3 AI-controlled teams provide support under fire.

    • 11 action-packed missions in realistic settings from around the world.
    • An intense storyline that parallels the novel and film of the same name.
    • From the makers of the award-winning Tom Clancy games, Ghost Recon and the Rainbow Six series.
    • Multiple difficulty settings plus a comprehensive training level.
    • Competition and cooperative multiplayer support for solo and team play.

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Red Storm's website:
    From the makers of the award-winning Tom Clancy games, Ghost Recon’ and the Rainbow Six’ series. An intense storyline that parallels the novel and film of the same name.

    Lead a team of domestic counter-terrorism experts through 11 dangerous missions that span the globe. Formed from the elite of the F.B.I.’s HRT, you have been tapped to perform covert ops in the most dangerous circumstances imaginable. As the commander of this team, you’ll lead your unit into the heat of battle, performing missions ranging from eliminating terrorists to planting bugs, and destroying illegal weapons caches to rescuing hostages. You’ll give them orders in the field and take the point in leading them into combat.


    • 11 action-packed missions in realistic settings from around the world.
    • An intense storyline that parallels the novel and film of the same name.
    • From the makers of the award-winning Tom Clancy games, Ghost Recon’ and the Rainbow Six’ series.
    • Multiple difficulty settings plus a comprehensive training level.
    • An easy-to-use interface that lets players dive right into the action.
    • Use the latest in antiterrorist weaponry, including 15 unique gun types, flashbangs and frag grenades.
    • Six brand-new dedicated multiplayer spaces, playable on
    • Competitive and cooperative multiplayer support, including classic and all-new game types for solo and team play.

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