Sunset Riders Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
One of the heroes
Select hero
Game starts
Wild west woman
Bulls run
Enemies in the hay
First boss fight
Horse ride
Chase train
Transport logs
Second boss fight
FPS minigame
"Dead or alive" poster
Bottle of beer
Girl with firing bottle
Die, bastard!
Over fire
Typical shoot-out
Boss on horse
Smith bros.
They are bosses
Train way
Boss with shield
Fallen bridge
Big indian boss
He has good sister
Ride in forest
Boss behind barricade
I'm burn!
Shooting gallery
Gatling gun
Last boss
Rose is fallen
End scene

Genesis version

Title screen
Want to play as Billy Cool?
Choosing your character
Starting the game
Being dramatically shot in front of a saloon
Kissing those girls will give you an extra item :)
No, Cormano. Don't shoot those buffaloes. Jump on them. Do you understand?
Standard hostage situation. Free the girl on the right balcony to complete the first half of a level
New mission awaits you
Oh, what a mess here
Boss battle
The boss doesn't have much to say
Nice reward, indeed
Hands up!
Train level. Dramatic situation

SNES version

Main menu
Options. Choose difficulty, number of lives, continues etc.
These are the 4 players playable: the first is Steve...
...The next is Billy!
Bob and you coolest shoot (in my opinion!)...
And Cormano!
Then, select (er, CHOOSE!) your player!
"I'm find a power-up! Enemies, here I go!!!"
The best physical exercise for legs: race in bulls!
"It's time to pay? IT'S TIME TO DIE!"
A good sheriff always helps the most needed without blinking.
But a good sheriff also it has moments of diversion! The Wild West is the must!
Crossing the ravine through the rope: the outlaws are of eye in everything and all!
The final bosses of the game. But they will not be in the shade for as much time!
I love the ladies!
Rescue the terrified lady first
Sir Richard Rose is a coward man...