Development history

Originally, Sango Fighter was going to be published in the U.S. by Apogee Software, with help from Panda. During the game's brief stay with Apogee, it was titled Violent Vengance, but before long, Panda decided to publish it on their own in the U.S. The original title was reinstated when it was released in the U.S.

English language version

The English language version of the game was released by a Taiwanese company named Accend, without permission from Panda Entertainment.


Sango Fighter is based on a novel called Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


A lawsuit by C&E Inc. took Sango Fighter off of store shelves.


One presumes that the "Sango" in the game's name refers to a streamlined transliteration of the pinyin Sānguó, literally the "Three Empires" of Cao Wei, Shu Han and Eastern Wu.

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